The Pope's energy inspires Slovaks in their faith

The Slovaks are surprised by the energy of Pope Francis, despite his age, who exhorts everyone to live their faith, says the spokesman for the Slovak bishops.

By Robin Gomes

Despite the age and health of Pope Francis, Slovaks are inspired by his energy and exhortation to live their faith and care for others in need. “It is an encouragement to see the Pope so strong, who encourages everyone,” said Father Martin Kramara, spokesman for the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Slovakia (KBS).

The 84-year-old Pope, who suffers from sciatica, underwent bowel surgery in July. He is on the 34th Apostolic Journey of his pontificate and will visit Slovakia from September 12th to 15th, after completing the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress in the Hungarian capital Budapest on Sunday.

Speaking to Vatican News, Fr. Kramara stated that when people saw the Pope’s busy schedule in Slovakia, they wondered if he would make it. But to see him in the cathedral, in the presidential palace and in the nunciature is just “fantastic,” he said.

Hear from Br. Martin Kramara from the Slovak Bishops’ Conference.

He said the Slovak Catholics are happy to see this encouragement in the faith, because it is the successor of Peter who comes to them to “in times of uncertainty, in times of Covid, in which many people have lost their bearings, to show the way ”. “The Pope comes and encourages us not to look to ourselves but to look to others who may be left behind and who need our help.” The spokesman for the Slovak bishops said: “It is so instructive for the country not to think of ourselves and our own problems, which are often first world problems, but to see brothers and sisters in need and help them find the way to find Christ. “

Recalling the motto of the Pope’s Apostolic Journey to Slovakia – “With Mary and Joseph on the way to Jesus” – Fr. Kramara said that this “is really the way in which the Holy Father leads the way of faith Christ shows ”. It is a fruitful belief that is not selfish and self-contained. The priest said it was also “a belief of good humor as we have seen these days, a belief that is so fresh and alive”. He said the Pope speaks of a belief that will make people see others, not just themselves. This is an encouragement not only for Catholics, but for the whole country, that of the Holy Father, but also of Jesus and “Things of Faith” speaks.