Whoopi Goldberg hasn't been on

View’s discussion table has been a little less crowded in the past few days due to the absence of longtime presenter Whoopi Goldberg. Goldberg, who has been a staple on the morning talk show since 2007, has been missing from The View for a week, causing concern not only among her fans, with Joy Behar recently admitting that she and her co-hosts are “so concerned” about Goldberg.

Goldberg’s absence has lasted since Monday June 21st. During her absence, Behar has moderated the sometimes tense conversations that arise on the talk show, with Ana Navarro, who usually only sits on Fridays, as the fifth co. steps in – host all week. Her absence has sparked a lot of discussion among viewers of The View online where one person wrote, “Whoopi is still out ……” – “Another fan said,” Bring Whoopi back next week, many of us miss her. “

According to Goldberg’s co-hosts, her absence at the discussion table was due to sciatica. At the beginning of the episode on Thursday June 24th, Behar said, “Good morning and welcome to The View. Whoopi is back with her sciatica today.” She added that she and her co-hosts “were so concerned about them at this point, but I think it’s under control”. According to WebMD, sciatica refers to back pain caused by a problem with the sciatic nerve, a large nerve that runs from the lower back to the back of each leg. While most will recover without major intervention, extreme cases where pain lasts longer than four weeks may require surgery. CheatSheet notes that Goldberg was out in 2015 due to sciatica pain.

Even if there is currently no word on when Goldberg will return to the discussion table, viewers can be sure that she will come back. In April, Goldberg spoke to Diversity and said she was “there until I think I can’t anymore”. For the actress, this time has come not only “for now” and “as long as you allow me to do both” [acting and hosting], I can. “But” the moment they say, ‘No, you can’t,’ I have to figure out what to do. “Goldberg has been an integral part of The View for more than a decade joined the ABC talk show in 2007. Her time on the show earned her multiple Daytime Emmy Awards and even a win as Outstanding Talk Show Host.