80% of the Porteños waiting for the second dose of Sputnik V agreed to a combination of vaccines

“Of all the people we interviewed, 80% said they wanted to exchange ideas,” said the Minister of Health of Buenos Aires, Fernan Quirós, referring to the combination of vaccines. This strategy, which he was able to confirm to TN.com.ar, has already been used in the city of Buenos Aires.

After it became known that the Modern Y AstraZeneca vaccines would complete the design of the Sputnik V, the second component of which is facing serious delays despite the start of national production and the imminent arrival of a new flight from Moscow, the Buenos Aires government began vaccinating with it a look at the variant discovered in India that is highly contagious.

“We decided to give 150,000 layers of the modern vaccine because the arrival of the AstraZeneca vaccine in Argentina is still not regular, the amount is insufficient, and we don’t want to populate the vaccines of whoever received the first dose of AstraZeneca AstraZeneca and is waiting for its second to give to someone else, “said the Minister of Health of Buenos Aires in statements to Radio Rivadavia, stating that these vaccinations are reserved for those who have already received this formulation.

Quirós stated that “the priority of the Moderna vaccine is primarily young people” and pointed out that all minors who have registered in the Buenos Aires area have received a proposal. “We practically all vaccinated, we have a small group that just signed up. And we’ve reserved your second dose for the 28th, ”he said.

Meanwhile, regarding the acceptance of a combination of vaccines, the Minister of Buenos Aires noted that “of all the people we interviewed, 80% said they wanted an exchange. The other 20% are not that they answered no. No one has answered yet: some will be able to answer no and others will be able to consult and accept their doctors.

“We saw that security is full. The side effects are the same. It gives them a little more shoulder pain, but nothing significant. The most important thing is that you get vaccinated as soon as possible, either with Moderna or with Sputnik, ”emphasized the officer. And he added: “The most important thing of all is that we are able to carry out an evaluation of the vaccine exchange in the shortest possible time, since the exchange has to be measured individually and at Sputnik V there was no international evaluation.” We had to do it very quickly. “

In any case, Quirós sent a message to the Porteños who had not decided on a combination of vaccines, emphasizing: “From Wednesday we expect to receive the second component from Sputnik and to finish all the people waiting in the city “.

As confirmed by TN.com.ar from official Buenos Aires sources, approximately 150,000 emails were sent for the combination vaccine, “of which 120,000 were received and more than 90,000 said yes”. The acceptance for the interchangeability with Moderna is very high “and emphasizes that they will continue to communicate in order to get an answer from the others.

Delta variant

After two cases from Buenos Aires infected with the Delta variant where no epidemiological link was found, i.e. they cannot determine who they were infected by, Quirós stated that “the spread in the community will be in the short term” .

“We see that their participation in the contagion scene doubles every seven days. But here you have to be clear: If you have clearly vaccinated with both vaccine doses, the number of cases is no longer the most important variable, but the number of occupied beds, the number of seriously ill people, ”said the Buenos Aires minister.

In this tone he made it clear that they are not trying to “avoid the third wave, but that it is considered a mundane disease and does no harm to people” and stressed that in the countries where the programs have largely been completed, the Population, there is a “significant case curve, especially among unvaccinated people, adolescents or adolescents, which, however, is not associated with hospital admissions or social harm”.

“The connection between infection or illness and social severity is separated by vaccination. This is not a purely health disease, but it damages society in all its dimensions, ”Quirós concluded.