Billy B's Summer Guide & Essentials

With the summer season advancing in full swing, it’s important to have the right supplies and essentials for a fun and safe time. Summertime is always so exciting for everyone with the number of activities possible. Whether outdoor sports, going to the beach, traveling, meeting friends and family or just enjoying the hot summer days and mild summer nights.

Before venturing out on your summer adventures, be sure to be prepared with a first aid kit, insect repellent, and sunscreen. When it comes to camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities, some cuts or bruises come up. Also, don’t forget about insect bites or sunburn. Here are some great products I found to keep you safe:

My paramedic first aid kits

Equipped with life-saving accessories to help you feel prepared, protected and confident.

  • Expertly selected accessories for: bleeding, respiratory tract, burns, hydration, medication, sprains and fractures, outdoor, topical items.
  • 100+ high quality first aid and trauma supplies.
  • The tear-open bag can be used as a mini first aid kit.

“No-Bite-Me” by Sallye Anders

Nature is a safe place thanks to Sallye Anders’ amazing “No-Bite-Me” insect repellent cream, which is now complemented by an equally effective soap. Just like the cream, the “No Bite Me” soap contains a wealth of active ingredients, including essential oils from cedar, mint, lemongrass, geranium, clove, thyme, rosemary and eugenol. In addition, it has a calming base of olive and vegetable oils. It’s DEET-free and safe for children (babies too!).

“No Bite Me” soap is effective against black flies, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. It will make your skin happy and you will also be free of the nasty bugs that spoil the fun. Use it in the morning before gardening, fishing, golfing, or just before morning game time. For children who don’t want to sit still while applying our fantastic cream, this soap will keep insects away for 2 hours after use.

B2 Performance Daily Defense Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 30+

This broad-spectrum UVA / UVB moisturizing sunscreen is designed to meet the stringent demands of outdoor activities while an improved blend of botanical ingredients, including HC56Complex® with organic hemp oil, moisturizes and moisturizes the skin. The unique blend promotes healthy skin and keeps the harmful effects of the sun at bay.

Here are some delicious summer drinks, from delicious teas to a great glass of wine!

In good taste wines

Whether you’re looking for a cool hostess gift for a barbecue evening, delicious wine for your party, or just a fun way to sample a handful of different wines, In Good Taste is the place for you! In Good Taste offers an innovative experience that delivers chic single-glass bottles of wine right to your door. You can offer your guests a fun taste experience or just serve different options so everyone has something they love. Your summer party is even more fun in Good Taste!

The Zoie Company

For the adults who might want to drink wine but don’t want calories, sugar or hangovers, I would like to introduce you to Zoie – Lali! It’s a great wine alternative as it’s non-alcoholic! Lali is the first still (non-carbonated), non-alcoholic wine in a can. Practical and portable, it is a true wine experience with less than 0.5% vol. Made from organic grapes from California’s sun-kissed vineyards. Elegantly served in a goblet or glass, perfect for the beach, picnic or garden barbecue!

Pennies of tea

Your summer companion that will help you relax, recharge and enjoy every day to the fullest. The bottled Tropical Bliss Ice Tea is a sweet summer treat – super rich in antioxidants and delicious hibiscus pieces. Pennie’s Tea is a great tasting brand that helps with common ailments such as gas, acid reflux, and upset stomach.

Wild wonders

Looking for a delicious and unique cocktail mixer or mocktail for the summer? Then try Wildwonder, the delicious fruit and super herb drink that takes a holistic approach to your gut health. This drink helps with digestion, reduces inflammation, prevents disease, and even strengthens your immune system. And no, this is NOT like kombucha! This will be your favorite refreshing summer drink with flavors like guava rose, peach-ginger and mango-turmeric and more!

Check out these delicious treats that are fun with the whole family!

City fire

S’mores is just the reason to get away from it all for a well-deserved time for me! City Bonfires designs mini portable campfires that you can use anywhere outdoors. Easy to ignite and extinguish, just pack up, sit back, relax and enjoy a s’mores or glass of wine while you stay warm on a cool summer night. The campfires are reusable, so you get many happy moments from a single can. It’s a great gift idea for city dwellers.

Bake, eat love

Enjoy the campfire atmosphere from the comfort of your own kitchen with the new Kids Baking Boxes! You get THREE recipes in one box; Campfire cupcakes, sandcastle cakes, and galactic ice cream sandwiches. Box 1 – Explore the mountains with s’mores campfire cupcakes and learn about the history of US national parks. Box 2 – Go to the beach to bake a sandcastle cake and learn more about sharks. Box 3 – Finally, choose a starry night to learn about constellations while eating galactic ice cream biscuit sandwiches. Each kit contains all of the durable ingredients for making the box, educational activities and a kitchen gift: star-shaped piping tip, white chocolate shell candy mold, ice cream scoop.

Fun games for in and out of the pool!

Pool Candy Inflatable Jumbo Tic Tac Toe

It’s a new, travel-friendly twist on a classic game! PoolCandy’s inflatable Tic Tac Toe is a fun, fresh way to play in a campsite, on the beach … wherever you want! It’s perfect for kids or adults of all ages. The set includes board and 10 reversible Xs and Os. Durable and heavy for long-lasting fun!

The adventure challenge

The Adventure Challenge is a mystery scratch game with tons of creative adventures … the catch? You don’t know what you’re doing until you scrape it off! Each adventure is designed to explore outside of your habits, delve deeper into your relationship, and make meaningful memories. Once it’s scraped off you HAVE to do it. Ready to play?

Capture your summer memories in a convenient way!

This blanket

Enjoy your favorite photo big and lively printed on an incredibly soft and warm fleece blanket.

Just enjoy the view!

Kijaro Dual Lock chair

Bring the most comfortable chair to your next picnic! Kijaro is the ultimate brand for comfortable camping / beach / sports chairs, including their best-selling Dual Lock chairs. This design keeps your chair closed when carried and open when seated for a more comfortable sitting experience. They have products for every adventure you go on, be it on the beach, on the sidelines of a sporting event, camping, and more! The Kijaro Dual Lock® Chair is now available in REPREVE® 100% recycled fabric! REPREVE® Fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles and each of these Kijaro Dual Lock Chairs saves 19 water bottles from landfill!

Be prepared and dressed for all of your adventures!

Gorilla training group

Gorilla Training Group has high performing fabrics and styles, this eco-friendly brand is aware of its carbon footprint (no bags or labels to name a few) and plants a tree for every purchase.

Don’t forget to get some quality eyes!

Honeydew sleep

Tired of waking up with neck or shoulder pain from crumpled pillows? Make sure you get the best sleep of your life this summer with the Scrumptious Side Sleeper Pillow from Honeydew Sleep. This pillow is designed to support the spinal alignment of a side sleeper and to reduce the strain on your upper body. It even has a copper infused foam filling that is naturally antibacterial and keeps the pillows fresh and cool night after night. Honeydew Sleep is a family business and is made here in the USA with the highest quality, practicality, and passion

Whatever activity and adventure you have this summer, just remember: enjoy and have fun!

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