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Lucknow: Don’t ignore shoulder pain, stiffness, or difficulty moving the arm if this continues for 15-20 days as this could be an early sign of periarthritis, commonly known as frozen shoulder, according to experts.
At a symposium on ‘Problems of the Shoulder Joint and Its Management’ organized by the UP Orthopedic Association (UPOA) on Sunday, KGMU Secretary and Head of Sports Medicine, Prof. Ashish Kumar said: Pain and stiffness when the Periarthritis (frozen shoulder) begins. ”
“However, since early-stage pain is not a major problem, people tend to ignore it. They usually come to us when hand mobility is reduced to 12-15 degrees. If a patient comes to us at an early stage, the problem can be treated with physical therapy, supportive care along with some medication, otherwise surgery is a must, ”he added.
Dr. Vinay Pandey, an orthopedic surgeon from Varanasi, said the problem was common in people over 40, with shoulder injuries, or diabetes.
“It is caused by the tension in the tissue around the shoulder bone. Patients often report severe frozen shoulder. We then need to do arthroplasty, a minimally invasive technique to identify and remove tightening tissue, ”he added.
Dr. Uttam Garg, the symposium’s co-organizing secretary, said, “Advanced treatments are available for this problem, but it is important that everyone is aware of the early signs.”
The Vice Chancellor of the KGMU, Lt.