This is the fourth time he has returned to the International Space Station. Thomas basket On Sunday, September 12th, he will embark on a new space journey (his sixth including his first visit to the ISS). French astronaut, along with the Japanese Akikiko Hoseid, Get ready to install new solar panels.

First of all, the American Mark Vande Hay, a NASA astronaut, was due to travel with Akihiko Hoshaid in August. Mark Vande Hai suffered from neck and shoulder pain and was eventually replaced by Frenchman Thomas Pesket. Take both boss It was filmed in a vacuum for about six hours and broadcast live in order to fulfill this technical function NASA.

This exit Peripheral vehicle Intervenes a few days after a warning at the train station. The smell of smoke and burning plastic were found in the Russian section of the ISS, Pointed out Roscosmos ensures the safety of the crew.