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We’ll skip the “new year new you’ mantra and instead cut to the point regardless of the year it is, you could require some assistance in your fitness. Work from home using your laptop and always watching your smartphone probably hasn’t contributed to that and has led to an inevitable neck strain from technology. We cannot oblige you to change your habits but we can provide you the necessary tools to ease shoulder and neck pain.

This SpineNeck(tm) neck and shoulder Orthopaedic Muscle Relaxer gives your body a bit of “oomph” when you’re experiencing tension or stiffness. It’s available for sale right now at $36.99 that’s less that your chiropractor co-pay (and it’s not accompanied by the annoying conversational nonsense when you’re being pushed around by your spine and neck, which is something to consider).

By combining Acupressure, occipital muscular stimulation and cervical relaxation this massager can help you get rid of painful sore spots as well as knots in muscles for needed relief from the upper body. The body curvature design of the relaxer provides flexibility and solid spinal support. Its mobility lets you relax your body’s knots from the comfort of your office or while on the go.

Relaxers are super easy. It operates in two ways, either side-to-side or upwards and downwards. Massage your neck with the massager moving from one side of the body, and to open your sinuses and relieve tension in your back of the skull moving upwards and downwards. Whatever method you choose either of these options will relieve discomfort in the upper part of your body and let you rid yourself of tension, sleep better and feel relaxed.

Buy an SpineNeck(tm) neck and shoulder Orthopaedic Muscle Relaxer. It also comes with a handy carry bag and user’s manual and all at $36.99 (reg. $58).

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