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Each now and then it’s not unusual to awake to an uncomfortable neck or stiffness. Poor posture and excess stress could be the root cause of this issue as well as sleeping at an unnatural angle. If you’re constantly awakening with neck discomfort on a regular every day basis (annoying and we all know) and the pain is disrupting your sleeping patterns, chiropractors say it may be the time to take a closer take a look at the culprit the pillow you sleep on. The pillows specifically designed to provide neck relief can help the neck and head and spine as they are what you need to take the stiffness and soreness of your muscles and discomfort out of the way. While you wait for the new pillows to arrive we suggest these neck massage techniques to get immediate relief.

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The best neck pillows for discomfort, in an enumeration:

  • Best overall: Purple Harmony Pillow, $161
  • Best value: Cushioncare Cervical Memory Foam Pillow at $46
  • The best Memory Foam: Casper Foam Pillow $71.
  • Best latex: Saatva Latex Pillow, $165
  • The best cooling system: Temur Pedic’s Pedic-Tempur Cloud Cooling Pro Price: $199
  • The best to use for back sleeping people: Tempur Pedic Tempur Cloud Pro $159
  • Ideal for sleepers on the side: Bed Boss, Dreamer Plus Pillow for $89
  • Ideal to sleep on stomachs:Casper down pillow, $111
  • The best choice for pain that is severe:Luxome Layr Adjustable Pillow Price: $130

What are the things to look for when buying the best neck pillow

Sleep experts and chiropractors are of the opinion that the most important quality to be looking for in a pillow to treat neck discomfort is support. It’s since “if you don’t have your neck properly supported properly, muscles may get tight,” resulting in a stiff neck or soreness and “impact the ability to fall asleep , or the quality of sleep” states Rita Roy, MD, MS Director of the National Spine Health Foundation. There are a variety of support materials such as memory foam and down feathers however, it’s all down to the individual’s preference as well as whether the cervical spine is properly supported.

While it’s tempting to stack pillows for greater power or opt for a lighter cushion, chiropractors say this isn’t the best option. “A cushion that’s too low, high or stiff may create strain on neck muscles and cause neck pain or neck problems,” Matthew Cavanaugh, DC, chiropractor from Louisiana, chiropractor located in Louisiana is quoted by Well+Good. “It’s ideal to use pillows that are soft and support the natural curvature that curves the cervical spine for example, the cervical cushion as well as the memory foam.”

The best pillow for you may require a few trials and it’s beneficial to try a few before committing. Many brands offer trial periods and refunds and this is something you’ll need to be aware of, particularly if you’re buying a higher-priced pillow.

Do you prefer an extra firm or soft pillow to ease neck discomfort?

As we’ve already mentioned, Cavanaugh says that it’s generally best to stay on the soft side when selecting the right pillow. In addition to being more flexible, but they’re also less likely to put stress on shoulder and neck muscles. “They also offer more comfort around the sensitive areas of the neck and the upper back,” he adds. The softer pillows that enable your head to be able to rest comfortably also be beneficial for those who suffer from chronic or regular neck discomfort.

The process of buying pillows can be overwhelming because there are too many choices. Pillows are available in a variety of varieties of fills, materials and shapes and sizes, however it shouldn’t be an overwhelming choice to select one. In this regard we reached out to experts on sleep as well as an experienced chiropractor to provide advice on the most suitable pillows to treat neck discomfort. Learn more about their suggestions.

Overall, it’s the best

Purple Harmony Pillow — $179.00

As the top overall choice purple’s Harmony Pillow will tick a lot of boxes. Constructed using a mixture of polymer and latex, this pillow is extremely tough and doesn’t cave downward. “The honeycomb structure is a great way to support your neck, while offering the right level of comfort,” Cavanaugh says. Cavanaugh. Honeycombs are perfect for hot sleepers as it lets out hot air while keeping the sleepers cool throughout the night (no more sweaty pooling up). Available in medium, low and tall sizes it is truly a cradle to all kinds of sleepers regardless of whether you prefer to sleep with your back, stomach back or even side.

Sizes: 2

Height: 3

Materials: latex and polymer

  • Blend of polymer and latex
  • Durable
  • Doesn’t lose shape
  • Cooling
  • Available in three different heights

Best budget

Cushioncare Cervical Memory Foam Pillow– $46.00

The neck pillows you can buy aren’t inexpensive, so if you’re in a pinch, Cavanaugh suggests going with Cushioncare. In terms of cost, this cervical foam pillow can compete with the more expensive ones. It’s made from dense memory foam, comes with the neck curved for extra support, and comes with an elastomer that reacts to the body’s heat and keeps you cool throughout the night. “If you’re in search of an affordable cushion that’s affordable, this Cushioncare Memory Foam Pillow can be a fantastic alternative,” Cavanaugh says. For less than $50, you won’t be able to beat it!

Sizes one size

Materials: memory foam

  • Affordable
  • It has a neck-notch feature to allow for additional neck-cradling
  • Memory foam
  • Might not be as chilly for all

Best memory foam

Casper, Foam Pillow -$74.00 $74.00

Originally $89, currently $71

Memory foam is touted as a supportive material, which is why chiropractors rave all about it, and Casper’s pillow is chiropractor-approved. “It is made of an lightweight as well as supportive foam which conforms to your body, providing greater comfort and support,” Cavanaugh explains. Cavanaugh. It’s not just comfortable, but also extremely comfortable. Let your head rest in.

What distinguishes this memory foam is the fact that the foam is perforated to push heat away to keep you cool and cool during the night. Similar to all Casper’s products, you’ll receive the chance to try a 30-night trial and try the product out. What do you have to lose? Sweet dreams await!

Sizes: 2

Materials: memory foam

  • Memory foam
  • Cooling
  • 30-night trial
  • It might be too soft for some

The most effective latex

Saatva, Latex Pillow — $165.00

If you’re looking for a cushion that isn’t compromising on quality then take a look at Saatva’s Latex Pillow. “It’s constructed from 100 100% natural Talalay latex that has been designed so that it is comfortable and comfortable,” says Cavanaugh. Furthermore, “it provides optimal head neck, shoulder, and head support to ensure that you keep the spine in a normal alignment as sleeping.” The pillow’s inner layer has a microfiber lining to provide extra comfort, and is covered in a cotton cover that is easy to wash using a machine. It’s comfortable, supportive and luxurious. It’s as if you’re staying in a 5-star hotel.

Sizes: 2

Materials: latex

  • 100 percent latex
  • Helpful
  • Cover machine washable

The best cooling

Tempur Pedic, Tempur Cloud Cooling Pro Pillow -$ $199.00

It’s not a good feeling to wake up covered in sweat. This is why Tempur Pedic’s Cloud Cooling Pillow will keep you from sweating too much during the night. Cavanaugh claims it’s a superb cooling pillow, and for the right reason The pillow is filled with gel, which immediately absorbs heat and helps keep the pillow cool so you can sleep comfortably. When the elements that cool you are at work while the memory foam straightens the spine and head in the right proportions, which means you won’t wake up with stiff neck. It truly offers the most beneficial of both. It is available in two sizes both high and low, there’s no pain on the horizon.

Sizes: 2

Height: 2

The material: memory foam

  • Cooling gel
  • Helpful
  • Available in two sizes

The best for back sleepers

Tempur Pedic, Tempur Cloud Pro Pillow -$159.00 $159.00

Cloud status is granted immediately by Tempur-Pedic’s Cloud Pro Pillow. This pillow is a dream for everyone who sleeps however, it is particularly suitable for back sleepers. The pillow is made up of 3 layers of memory foam. It provides support and comfort at all stages of sleeping. “It has Tempurpedic materials that eases pressure points and helps keep your spine well aligned, while permitting you to choose the size of the pillow to help to ensure proper sleeping postures,” says Cavanaugh.

Turning and tossing is not a problemdue to the supple foam material. Additionally, the Pro comes with the ability to wash and remove the cover that makes cleaning simple. When drying is required it is recommended to air dry to keep the material in good condition. Like the name suggests it’s like sleeping in the cloud.

Sizes: 2

Height: 3

The material: memory foam

  • The memory foam is three layers thick.
  • Affirmative
  • Cover that can be machine washed
  • Available in three different heights
  • Expensive
  • Dry air only

The best pillow for sleepers on the side.

Bedboss Dreamer Plus Pillow$88.00 $89.00

A pillow Cavanaugh says he will use is the Dreamer Plus pillow from Bedboss. “This one is what that I utilize,” he says. “It features an ultra-soft unique shoulder notch that is perfect for those who prefer to sleep sideways.” The memory foam that is high-density is a comfortable and supportive pillow to lie on. Additionally, the pillow has perforations, while the covers are constructed of bamboo, which is a natural heat absorbing material which makes the pillow more airy (hooray for those who sleep hot). A note to make: the pillow comes in a variety of degrees of firmness for those looking for something more firm. After you’ve laid your head you will be able to dream wonderful dreams.

Sizes: queen

The material: memory foam

  • Memory foam
  • Shoulder notch to accommodate side sleepers
  • Breathable cover
  • Available only in one size

The best option for stomach sleepers

Casper, Down Pillow -$111.00 $111.00

The original price was $139. Now it’s $111

When you’re sleeping on your stomach, it isn’t a good idea but if you do choose to do it, you need to get a great pillow. They can provide the support you need at night, and this is the most fluffy Casper pillow to date (it’s super soft). It’s recommended by Cavanaugh the pillow is made from down that is ethically sourced, which creates the pillow’s marshmallow-like appearance and feel. In addition it is comfortable, supporting your neck and head while adjusting both sides to not stress your neck. To clean it, just put it in the washer. Still unsure? Casper provides a trial period of 30 days which allows you to try it out at no cost. So let the Zzz begin!

Sizes: 2

The material is down feather

  • Down-fill
  • Fluffy
  • 30-night trial

The best option for pain that is severe

Luxome Layr Customizable Pillow$130.00 $130.00

For those who are suffering from severe neck discomfort, Cavanaugh says you can’t get a better Luxome Layr Customizable Pillow. “This pillow is totally customizable and is a fantastic option for people suffering from neck pain since you can utilize inserts to achieve the right height and level of the right amount of firmness to support your head and neck,” says Cavanaugh. The pillow comes with two inserts: one-inch and two-inch memory foam pieces that are infused with cooling gel, which means you can alter the height of your neck and head. If the features can’t get better: the pillow comes with a cooling layer made of bamboo (this is perfect for those who sleep sweaty). Although it’s pricier this pillow has all the features that make it worth it.

Editor’s note If you’re suffering from severe or chronic neck or back discomfort (or stiffness) We recommend visiting your physician, chiropractor, or health healthcare doctor to exclude other health issues that could be serious.

Sizes: 2

Matrix: down and memory foam

  • Cooling
  • Adjustable
  • Machine-washable

Our editors are the sole ones to choose the products. If you buy via our links could be rewarded with Well+Good an affiliate commission.