Typically, to win a close game in college football, players need to step up and play big games on the track. For Kansas Football’s 17:14 opening win over South Dakota, Lawrence Arnold, who was at stake in sophomore year sophomore, was in the limelight.

After the KU Offensive previously converted a crucial fourth down-play game to keep hopes of winning the game alive, Kansas placed second and 16th with two receivers – super-senior Kwamie Lassiter and Arnold Seat to the right of quarterback Jason Bean.

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Lassiter managed to get the attention out of a corner and safety, allowing Arnold to retract his curl route with an open field in front of him. Bean carried out the throw, and the rest was history.

These two come through in the clutch tonight ?? @ jasonbean24 x @ LjArnold318 pic.twitter.com/g39uVaBf8L

– Kansas Football (@KU_Football) September 4, 2021

“I feel like my team needed us to make a game and the playmakers will step in when it’s time to move up,” said Arnold. “So I just appreciate Jason Bean throwing me the ball and believing in me to get me up and believing that I was going to score a touchdown.”

Arnold was also responsible for Kansas’ first touchdown of the game.

With his 6-foot-3 frame, Arnold went upstairs and grabbed Bean’s pass in the corner of the end zone, then kept his feet in check to secure the score. The piece was reviewed but was quickly confirmed.

Let’s look again at TD ?? @ jasonbean24? @ LjArnold318 pic.twitter.com/YGKzGCz8ZC

– Kansas Football (@KU_Football) September 4, 2021

“You can see the length in the position that he gives,” said coach Lance Leipold. “He has the athleticism to play games and is very confident. Everyone talked to me a little bit about him when we got here that he showed lightning last year. He is just one of many really talented young receivers that we have in this program and that we need to develop further. ”

Arnold’s first touchdown added a remarkable boost to the dynamics of the game, especially at the end of an otherwise goalless first half. The touchdown was also set up for a South Dakota substitution violation after Kansas was stopped in third place.

For the game, Arnold was targeted five times and got away with three catches for 33 yards, including the two touchdowns.

“He got really big for us tonight,” said Bean. “He tried to get better every day in training. He rose this week. He worked hard and I’m very proud of him. I am only grateful that he is on our side. “

It was a performance that lasted over a year.

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Last season, Arnold was sidelined with a shoulder injury after playing in Kansas in the first four games of the season. His availability was even questioned at the South Dakota game as Arnold said he had shoulder pain.

“It felt great to be back on the field with my team in this atmosphere and this environment,” said Arnold. “I feel like we all played a big part in just getting out there and helping us get a dub.”