Immerse yourself in your gaming session with AndaSeat's Prime Day offers

The premium gaming chair brand has massively slashed the cost of their sumptuous thrones.

andseat gaming chairs

Have you ever noticed how much pain you feel after sitting in an unsuitable chair for lengthy gaming sessions or while working?

You have likely noticed discomfort in your shoulders, neck, and back. This is because your seat of choice may not be for gaming.

But don’t worry, AndaSeat has a selection of its gaming chairs on offer for Prime Day 2021. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

Save up to $ 100 on an AndaSeat gaming chair during Prime Day

With the Amazon event starting on day two, we’ve scoured to bring you some of the best tech deals out there. AndaSeat definitely falls into this category as it has cut the price of some of its gaming chairs by as much as $ 100.

So what chairs can you get with this great discount? These of course:

Five gaming chairs to choose from and all at the height of comfort. Believe this author, he tried some AndaSeats in his day (among other less comfortable brands)!

Why do you need an AndaSeat gaming chair?

A woman playing a game holding a wireless controller

You need a gaming chair from AndaSeat because the brand makes sure that they develop each and every one of their models with the highest level of comfort.

AndaSeat chairs all come with a lumbar and neck support that eliminates back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain (assuming you’ve adjusted everything correctly).

Some AndaSeat models also have 4D armrests so you can move them in four planes; back and forth, side to side, up and down, and you can pan them around their center too. Note that this is not present on all AndaSeat gaming chairs.

AndaSeat gaming chairs are available with a variety of covers, from traditional PU leather (synthetic leather) to luxurious linen.

These materials include comfy seat and back cushions made from high-density foam that ensure you don’t pull your tailbone from sitting at your gaming rig or desk for too long.

A sofa is fine if you are playing in your living room, but if you are playing in front of a desk you will need a suitable seat; one that is ergonomic and supports your entire body as it is should when you sit down in it.

Get a great deal on an AndaSeat Gaming Chair for Prime Day

Man smiling playing video games

Listen, if you want to play you should be properly seated while you are doing it. This means you can play even longer without writhing in agony, which is a delightful thing to do while grinding your favorite titles or helping your teammates in multiplayer.


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