Working from home? Are you working at home? Kara Froula’s BackEmbrace will let you sit anywhere you want to be. (Credit: BackEmbrace)

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BackEmbrace is a company for wellness founded within Franklin, Tennessee, aims to create high-quality posture support. Its founder Kara Froula says the company was the result of her personal need for support to lessen strain, however, she couldn’t find any options available that fit her. So she developed her own brace to be an “first step towards positive and more positive attitude” and decided to make replicas of it to sell to make a profit. However, when the pandemic struck while working remotely became the fashion, she quit her accounting job in order to concentrate exclusively on BackEmbrace. “The popularity of BackEmbrace is overwhelmingWe completely sold out within three month,” she says. As Covid is dragging forward and hybrid work models remain The demand for Froula’s innovations will not be a thing of the past.

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I experienced constant tension throughout my lower back neck, back and shoulders. I saw massage therapy and chiropractors and only got some relief. I tried a variety of posture supports but they were a bit bulky and uncomfortable to the skinbut they aren’t stylish. BackEmbrace is a support for posture that’s stylish, efficient and even feels comfortable as a soft embrace.


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How do you define success?

Since launching my company I’ve changed the way I view success. Success to me is being willing to take on new territory and being strong enough to bounce back each when you fall. If something doesn’t go as I had hoped I always leave with a bit more knowledge and wisdom than I did before. Sometimes, the apparent failures or setbacks can be the catalysts that spur creativity.

What is your biggest success so far?

Making a product and bringing it out that aids people was something that I’ve previously never attempted before. Being able to navigate the uncharted territory that is involved in creating a company has demanded the most strength and determination, and I see that as an by itself an accomplishment. There are some significant accomplishments that I am pleased about such as being included on some of the top media outlets like Good Morning America, Healthline, Women’s Health and Martha Stewart to mention some.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?

To delegate or not to delegate. For entrepreneurs one of the most significant problems is that there’s just so many areas to cover. From manufacturing and product development to sales and marketing via digital There are a myriad of areas that require a variety of capabilities. At first, like other entrepreneurs, I had to wear many of the hats, hoping to gain insight and knowledge throughout the process.

Kara Froula’s creative creation. (Credit: BackEmbrace)

It’s a challenge to do so if you’re working on a small budget, as every dollar is important and you’re not sure how to move the needle for your company. Are you willing to invest in an effective influencer campaign , or gain more attention through strategic SEO? Are you willing to take a crack at it yourself, or will you venture to the extreme and work with an agency or a professional? I’ve tried both and the lesson I’ve learned is that you must know what you aren’t good at and delegating to competent people that you can trust is the key to your success.

I’ll never forget the quote I came across, “She who is everywhere is never anywhere.” Doing everything at once is a fast path to burnoutIt’s like that spinning hamster wheel. You’re working but are you successful? If you recognize the limitations of your abilities (time and interest, as well as knowledge) You can more easily embrace your individual talents and strengths. Isn’t that what we’re all about?

Have you been through any personal issues that affected your business decision-making?

Yes I’ve taken the decision to go on- one day at a. I’ve been clean from alcohol for more than 14 years. The life and business skills I’ve acquired during my recovery are similar to the tools and techniques I’ve learned to accept and use in my business. In recovery, a lot of people are of the opinion that their worst day of sobriety is superior to their most enjoyable day of drinking. My own experience has shown me that my worst day as an entrepreneur has been better and more bright than my most successful day of working for someone else doing something that I didn’t feel interested in. However difficult things become, I never quit. It’s taking one day at a or, at times, taking each moment one at a time. While I’m not trying to sound cliché, I try my best to keep an “attitude of gratitude” particularly on the most difficult days.


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What’s your most important suggestion for other entrepreneurs in the beginning?

Begin small and try it out before you make a decision to invest. Before I began manufacturing on a bigger scale, I had a booth at an event for medical professionals. The overwhelming positive reaction gave me the evidence I needed to feel confident about quitting my job as a 9-5 accountant to take on BackEmbrace full-time.

It’s crucial to receive as much feedback as you can to be able to more easily modify and fine-tune. I began manufacturing BackEmbrace in small quantities , and I was able to make changes to the size of the product based on feedback.

How do you find inspiration on your darkest days?

If customers provide feedback that “BackEmbrace has provided me with an improved quality of life,”” “I am not sure what I would have done without it,” and “I don’t have shoulder and neck pains after working on my computer for hours.” I am so happy for having made an contribution to people’s lives, making them to stand higher and feel more confident.

Who is your most important role model?

Sara Blakely, the founder of SPANX. When I found out that Sara did not have a background in product development, and that she wrote her first patent on her own and was able to inspire me to pursue my dream with no formal training or knowledge. I really appreciate her charitable efforts and how she is able to give back to women entrepreneurs.

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