Kneeling ergonomic desk chair for back pain relief and posture relief

Scouting Report: This ergonomic knee chair may look a little unconventional, but it made my desk job a lot less of a chore.

As a writer, I spend most of the day at my desk – that is, when I’m not looking for a snack in my kitchen cupboards. But all of that sitting means that a good chair is just as important as a good computer to get my work done. Over the years I’ve tried too many different chairs to count. But after hours of sitting over my computer screen, they all devastated my shoulders and lower back.

If you are not constantly aware of your posture, sitting upright is not a matter of course for most of us. And, according to the Cleveland Clinic, sitting in front of our screens with poor posture every day can have some fairly painful long-term effects on the body, including back and shoulder pain, arthritis, and joint damage. While a standing desk is a great option for reducing the stress on the lower back from a sedentary lifestyle, it may not come in handy for someone who works at a desk for hours every day. Finding a chair that provides adequate lumbar support is the best option for both improving your posture and reducing the extra strain on your back.

If sitting in front of your computer for hours every day leads to knots in your lower back, the DRAGONN ergonomic knee chair is exactly what the doctor ordered. Its ergonomic design supports up to 250 pounds and has adjustable height and angle settings to best suit your individual needs. The DRAGONN sits on four wheels, so you can either move your workstation from your phone to your printer or lock it in place if necessary. And the padded pillow keeps your knees comfortably supported while you work.

DRAGONN by VIVO Ergonomic knee chair

I never thought I’d prefer to work on a kneeling chair all day, but the DRAGONN changed the game. Sitting is much more comfortable for my back and my posture has improved even when I’m not at the desk. But the biggest benefit is that I do a lot more work now as I go into the kitchen cabinet less looking for snacks.

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