Man attending a walk-in center with shoulder pain who was diagnosed with incurable cancer

A father who thought he had shoulder pain from previous surgery was stunned to hear that he was suffering from a rare form of cancer.

Allan Jones has been told the tumor is incurable and inoperable and medical professionals are now trying to slow the cancer down to give the 48-year-old more time.

The former pub owner, who lives in Runcorn with his wife Becky, 47, began experiencing pain in his right shoulder this July, Liverpool Echo reports.

He went to a walk-in treatment center, but the pain got worse.

“His back always suffered a bit from having a disc removed.

“We just assumed it was because his shoulder sank when he was in pain.

“He went to the walk-in center at Halton Hospital, but the pain seemed to get worse.

“He went back a few days later and they thought it might be a blood clot because he complained that it hurt to breathe.”

Becky said she took Allan to Warrington Hospital, where they initially thought he had tendinitis in his shoulder and had some tests done.

He also got a CT scan because of the pain he was breathing.

Becky said, “The scan showed it wasn’t a blood clot, but they saw something in his liver at the bottom of the scan.”

Allan and Becky with Becky’s son Aaron and Allan’s daughter Marcia

Allan was held overnight for further scans, and his family received a call the next day.

Becky said, “Myself and his mother and father were called to the hospital Tuesday to say it was cancer.

“It hit him hard because he really blames himself for always smoking.

Becky added, “The doctors stated that you don’t have liver pain – they said the liver distributes pain in your right shoulder.”

The tumor found in Allan’s liver was what caused his shoulder pain, and a biopsy a few weeks ago revealed even more devastating news.

Allan was told he had a rare form of cancer, a neuroendocrine tumor in his liver.

Medical professionals told the family that only 36,000 people around the world are diagnosed with this form of cancer each year and that Allan’s tumor is incurable and inoperable.

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Doctors at Clatterbridge Center in Liverpool are now giving him injections of hormones in hopes of slowing the cancer down and giving Allan some extra time.

Depending on the results of the injections, he may then receive radiation therapy and additional scans will be needed to determine where the cancer has spread.

A family friend set up a gofundme page to help Allan – who is disabled – during this time.

If you’d like to donate to Allan, click here to go to the fundraising page

Allen and Becky

Allen and Becky

Allan and Becky – who both have children from previous relationships – met sixteen years ago on a blind date and married just nine months later after a whirlwind romance.

They previously ran pubs together for most of the time, but more recently both have been serving in prison.

Becky said, “We’ve never been on vacation, it’s always been work, work, the years we’ve been together.

“We wanted to go to America for his 50th birthday, but now everything has gone out of the window.”

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In a statement on the fundraising page, Becky added, “We have worked, lived, loved and laughed together. We made some incredible memories along the way.

“And that will continue with the time we have before us.”

Allan said, “As much as I fight (and I will never stop), this is a fight I won’t win. The cancer that I have 90% of the time isn’t diagnosed until it’s in another organ or part becomes secondary. ” of the body and I fall into that 90%. “

Added, “It has been a pleasure to know each and every one of you and ask that you live your life to the MAX because neither of us knows when it will be over. I love you all.”

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