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Washington – Jacob DeGrom plans to double headed Atlanta on Monday, he said Saturday, the pain in his right shoulder that caused him to leave his recent start. I always believe it’s not a big deal.

DeGrom has tackled his fourth minor physical issue this season and eighth last year, with him and Mets resting on the injured list and what happens to the medical staff. It happens that he said he talked about giving him the opportunity to understand what he was doing. But they decided against it.

“It was a debate, but after taking the picture, I saw the location and the reaction over the past few days and decided to proceed as usual,” said DeGrom, who turned 33 on Saturday. “It felt like it wasn’t internal. It was more muscular. So it has calmed down with the treatments we’ve done and it feels really good to throw in the last few days. “

DeGrom’s comments were sent to the field at Nationals Park, his usual workload on the third day shortly after he ditched the bullpen session.

It worked, and I plan to switch the rotation regularly on Mondays unless I feel “awful” at some point earlier.

“I didn’t expect that,” said Deglom.

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Director Luis Rojas spoke vaguely.

“Nothing changes” from the DeGrom project, he said. “But we still want to get closer every day.”

According to DeGrom, the cause of the injury: a straight swing and a miss from the Cubs Robert Stock in the bottom of the second inning on Wednesday. He ended up mailing a full count RBI single to Lightfield but felt uncomfortable finishing third (while hitting the site).

“I usually come back there and get injured [after] “I pitch, but I don’t pitch during the game,” said DeGrom. “I think I felt worse when I was on the hill. I thought it was the right move. I didn’t want to change my mechanics or hurt anything, so I didn’t find it ideal to throw. “

He attributed the tight sides / hips to the momentum last month. A short-term solution could therefore be for deGrom (hit 0.423) to stop the swing.

“I think I’ll have to take it,” he said.

Maybe he can whine.

“It depends on where you placed me on the line-up,” he said with a smile. “I don’t want to crawl through the four holes.”

Then he added in a more serious tone: “The main thing is safe and sound. It is probably unwise to get out and swing like I’m swinging. “

Mets ace Jacob DeGrom says he will be ready to leave on Monday after the last brief shoulder ache

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