Kruti Jhala and most of her family have contracted COVID. She lost her uncle to COVID, which hit her so badly that her infection went from easy to severe. Here is her COVID story …

My COVID history is not exactly happy, but I am grateful that I have now recovered and I am fine now.

I am Kruti and I am 21 years old. I stay in a common family with my father and my uncle’s family. On April 11th, my uncle tested positive and within a few days almost all of my family were positive. Besides my mother and sister, me, my father, my cousin, my aunt and my uncle, the five of us were positive. We all stayed in quarantine in the upper part of our house. My mother and sister gave us everything we needed. Except for my uncle, who had more infections, we all had mild infections.

I originally had a mild infection, but when my uncle died on April 22nd after being hospitalized at the age of 55, I couldn’t take the shock. My oxygen levels dropped to 90 and my infection increased. It was raised to the level that I had to go to the hospital on April 24th. While I also struggled with anxiety and depression from the shock, I was hospitalized for the first time in my life in 21 years. I was given an oxygen mask for 4 days. After getting injections of remdesivir, I gradually recovered. I was released on May 2nd. Now my oxygen levels are okay and I’m recovering well, except for some weakness and shoulder pain. Since my infection was severe it will take some time to heal completely.

What I want to convey with my story is first, I am grateful to GOD that in this second phase, when people were suffering from a lack of hospital beds and oxygen, I and even my uncle were fortunate enough to have a hospital bed and an oxygen mask have attachments. I was even fortunate enough to have an injection of remdesivir during this difficult time.

Second, during my hospital experience, I have found that hospital doctors and hospital staff are angels. Literally angel. They heal patients without fear that the virus could infect them too. They cared for the patients day and night without rest.

Third, it is very important to have a healthy mind and be positive while being COVID positive. My situation wasn’t exactly such that I could stay positive, but because I couldn’t, my health, which was fine, took its toll. To this day I still cry because I miss my uncle so much, but I can’t afford to see my health go bad again. I believe my uncle is in a good place and happy wherever he is and will always take care of us.

COVID-19 has really shaken my whole family’s life by taking our uncle away at such a young age and so I want to tell you that you cherish every moment with your family as much as possible as we don’t know what God is wrote for us. It’s been 20 days and it’s still hard to believe my uncle is no more, but I have to move on and I will remember his teachings.

Finally, I would also like to convey that do not be afraid of COVID. I had a high level of infection but I recovered. Be positive, you will recover too.

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