Participants with shoulder pain needed for a study of changes in blood flow in shoulder structures with movement

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital researchers and Dr. Kshamata Shah and Dr. Phil McClure at Arcadia University are looking for volunteers who have shoulder pain and are willing to undergo a pre and post fatigue shoulder ultrasound scan and a 6 week exercise program.

Study details

  • If you have shoulder pain and are between the ages of 21 and 65, you may be able to attend. An additional screening visit to Arcadia may be required
  • The protocol consists of 2 test sessions (separated by 6 weeks), each of which lasts approximately 1 hour. The tests will take place at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Center City, Philadelphia. Treatment includes a standard 6 week exercise program led by a physical therapist. These meetings can take place virtually or on-site at Arcadia.
  • The tests are invasive and include – injection of a standard contrast agent, ultrasound imaging, and shoulder exercises. The research team is a leader in this technology and has safely collected data from multiple patients for research and clinical use. We will be happy to provide you with further details if you contact us using the form below or send us an email to [email protected]

Our research goal

Shoulder pain is a common problem and often involves irritation of the joint and tendons of the rotator cuff muscles that are inside the shoulder. Rehabilitation under the guidance of a physical therapist is the first line of treatment for many shoulder conditions, including problems with the rotator cuff. We are trying to better understand how muscle circulation changes with pathology and how muscles respond to standard treatment. The overarching goal of the Shoulder Research Center is to understand the underlying causes of shoulder pain and to develop optimal treatment approaches for treating shoulder pain.

Our dedicated team

Our group includes medical professionals, radiologists, and physical therapists dedicated to understanding the underlying causes of shoulder pain and developing optimal treatment approaches to manage shoulder pain.


Do you currently have shoulder pain? When do you have pain?

  • When sleeping on your side?
  • When you raise your arm?
  • For overhead activity and self-care?

When you answered YES SIR answer any of these questions and are between the ages of 21 and 65, physiotherapy may help. You may be eligible for this study.

You can now start this screening questionnaire to see if you qualify:

If you or you know someone with shoulder pain / rotator cuff discomfort who might be interested in this study, please let us know. Compensation for study visits and treatment sessions is granted for eligible patients.