Rachel Bloom shared a recovery update and candid photos after breast reduction surgery

Crazy ex-girlfriend co-creator and star Rachel Bloom announced on social media that she recently had a breast reduction surgery. The “Heavy Boobs” singer said that her breasts changed and became more uncomfortable after pregnancy and breastfeeding, but she was already feeling better after the operation.

“I did it!” Bloom started her Instagram post. “Context: Before the pregnancy, I had never craved a breast reduction. I was pretty happy with my body. I mean, sometimes my DD / DDD breasts (size depends on the season) were annoying and sweaty (and yes, heavy), but I was lucky enough to never really experience any major physical discomfort from them. “

But after the pregnancy, said Bloom, she felt differently. “I got pregnant and grew very quickly from a DD / DDD to a size G. Then, after breastfeeding, her entire texture changed; They became super super soft, which makes a pregnancy / lactation period that nobody really tells you about, “she explained in the caption next to pre- and post-operative selfies.

Bloom also said she was starting to notice new types of discomfort related to her breast changes: “I got underbust rashes, shoulder furrows (when your bra strap digs into your skin), neck problems, and night sweats (I couldn’t sleep, it was because, I would have a pillow BETWEEN my breasts). “

After meeting three doctors, Bloom decided to have a breast reduction surgery. “My request was to just reset my pre-pregnancy size (if not maybe a little smaller),” she said.

One of the most common medical reasons for breast reduction surgery is to relieve neck, back, and shoulder pain caused by large, heavy, “sagging” breasts. (And yes, your breasts can grow during and after pregnancy – and continue to grow while you are breastfeeding. But not everyone experiences the same increase in size.) The surgery itself usually involves opening the breast, removing the necessary tissue, and then closing it essentially reconstructing the shape of the breast. Most people who undergo this type of surgery can expect two or three scars, depending on the exact technique the surgeon uses.

Many patients will experience relief from their back, neck and shoulder pain immediately after surgery. However, recovery is usually accompanied by moderate swelling and discomfort, and patients are usually advised to avoid lifting and certain upper body movements for a few weeks while healing.

So far, said Bloom, she is still recovering, but is already feeling better. “I’m still healing so we’ll see what happens. But I already feel better and relieved, ”she wrote. “Lesson / conclusion / breathtaking revelation from this experience still open ?!”