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Jacob DeGrom’s five-year workload, the three-time all-star game, comprised 32 pitches.

He averaged 10.7 per inning.

On paper, it doesn’t look like an overly stressful experience. And since deGrom isn’t planned this year, if you don’t bring out a midsummer classic, the whole thing will be a two-day baseball PR festival, complete with press conference, photography, and an MLB sponsorship partnership.

If you understand DeGrom the way we do, it’s not hard to see why he’d rather spend an All-Star Break at home with his family instead. And because of his relatively minor streak of illness in the first half (an MRI visit that temporarily disrupted his historic reign), it makes sense around the world for DeGrom to skip his trip to Denver entirely. It makes sense.

Charging DeGrom on his own terms is the best possible scenario for both him and Mets other than ending the two Cy Young Awards with bubble wrap. I am honored to be selected as an All-Star. It’s a sports elite player’s duty, but deGrom traveling in non-playing fields is as logical as warming up at Dua Lipa instead of Linard Skynard.

“That’s his decision,” said Luis Rojas ahead of the Brewers game on Tuesday. “I know it’s hard for her to even have Jake out there. It’s a shame not all fans and baseball see Jake in event uniforms himself, but that’s more for Jake to do. It is difficult not to be there and not to participate when you know your competitiveness. It’s hard for an all-star game not to have it. “

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Weather permitting, DeGrom should start twice, Tuesday and Sunday, before the All-Star Break. This clearly lifts him out of the mix to return to Coors Field on Tuesday. But even if DeGrom is in a good position to hit the hill in Denver (obviously the first time he’s a starter), it’s still wise to take a bow and respect his health in the second half. Let’s take a bow.

In fact, it’s easy. I’ve seen DeGrom land on IL with an inflammation of the latissimus dorsi. Later on, shoulder pain and flexor tendinitis shortened the other two starting points. From Mets’ point of view, his physical condition seems to be checked step by step and monitored more closely than anyone in uniform. Jeopardizing everything for the show – or even taking him on a plane to please him an All-Star – would be stupid after those early horrors.

There is no team to roll at it. And if you’re lucky enough to have the best mug in the world, keeping it intact is your top priority.

“Jake wants to be healthy for us. I respect that, ”said Pete Alonso, who won the Home Run Derby in 2019 on his first all-star trip as a rookie. All players of the day have to do their best.

“I think it’s great to be honored, but when you need those four days to rest, relax and focus on winning the championship … for the team, especially for us. I want to be healthy. “Get involved first, all games make a lot of sense to us now and move on.”

Alonso immediately used Anthony Rendon as a similar case of his choice to skip the 2019 All-Star game, but that was his only choice. Rendon was a pending free agent tending to knee issues and his strategy has certainly paid off. He eventually led the Nationals to the World Series title and signed a seven-year contract for $ 245 million (.319 BA / 1,010 OPS / 34 HRs / 126 RBIS) during his best season of his career. ..

Rendon seems to have made the right decision. There’s no guarantee Midsummer Rest will drive DeGrom to the third Cy Young, but it’s a safe bet that will help more than hike to Denver.

“I don’t think it’s wise to play in an All-Star game,” DeGrom said on Sunday. “I beat this first half a bit, but obviously missed some starts that I didn’t want to miss.”

On Tuesday, Lohas said he hadn’t heard from Dave Roberts (NL manager) at Dodgers about the possibility of another mead pitcher replacing DeGrom. If I were Rojas, GM Sachscott, or Steve Cohen, the owner, I wouldn’t be disappointed if that didn’t happen. It’s a stressful rush after the October break, so resting Taijan Walker or Edwin Diaz is a good idea.

Plus, players wearing popular league-specific uniforms for the first time won’t even notice a lack of mets. Instead, enjoy Alonso defending the home run derby title on Monday.

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David Lennon is an award-winning columnist, baseball hall of fame voter, and has reported on six no-hitter no-runs, including two perfect games.

Skipping the MLB All-Star game is an easy decision for Jacob DeGrom and the Mets.

Source Link Skipping the MLB All Star game is an easy decision for Jacob DeGrom and the Mets.