Stomach Sleepers Pay Attention This Viral TikTok Video demonstrates How to Avoid Sleep Sleepopolis

Stomach sleepers, be sure to read the warnings in this TikTok video that’s been viral The idea of sleeping on your stomach while keeping one leg bent isn’t healthy for you.

The video, created by the manufacturer of pillows Levitex (who claim to be “sleep expert in posture”) The goal is to inform the masses stomach sleepers of how to stay safe.

On the clip, the participant clarifies that the posture forces the muscles in the legs to stretch to keep the posture. Your body will not be grateful for at the beginning of the day.

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It was our turn to ask a handful of sleep experts to weigh inon: Does the information contained that is in the viral clip genuine?

Preston Brown, a physical therapy therapist from Wisconsin who specializes in sleep, has said that sleep on stomachs is among the most effective ways to self-inflict neck and back discomfort (not not to mention the stiffness).

“When you lie in a stomach position, your spine is stretched in a variety of ways. If you’re able to sleep this way all nightlong, it’s not surprising that you awake stiff and painful,” Brown told Sleepopolis.

He has a lot of patients in his clinic who have neck and back discomfort due to improper sleeping position.

“Sleeping in a stomach position can put your neck into an arched position, which causes cervical or back muscles to relax and to work harder during the night,” he added.

If you sleep on your stomach, it could cause stress to your back. It could also stress your shoulders and neck, he added.

“Waking up with tight back or shoulders or neck can ruin your day, and can lead to lower moods or even levels of energy.” Brown added.

“Unfortunately lying on the stomach can be (biomechanically) the most uncomfortable position to fall sleeping in,” Grant Radermacher, DC, chiropractor from Wisconsin chiropractor from Wisconsin spoke to Sleepopolis.

“Having the cervical spine locked in a tense position for 8 hours can put lots of stress on your muscles, joints and ligaments of the neck area,” he said.

The stomach’s position results in hyperextension of the lumbar spine and also tilts your pelvis forward which can bind the spinal facet joints, which may cause lower back pain. People who rest on their stomachs tend to rest with their arms over their heads, which forces the shoulders in an extended position. This could cause damage to the cartilage ring which keeps the shoulder’s ball snug in the socket, also called the labrum.

Although it may decrease sleep apnea and snoring stomach sleep is harmful on your spine, Radermacher said.

“Pretty almost every sleep expert suggests that patients shift from sleeping to their sides and back,” Radermacher said.

Enhancing Sleep Posture

Are you looking to correct your sleeping posture? Start by putting yourself in the proper posture.

“Try to lie down in your back or on your side. If you awake during the night lying on your stomach, you should get into the habit of flipping your body over,” Radermacher said.

The use of pillows can help support you and help maintain a healthy spinal alignment. This helps ease the pressure on your hips as well as your lower back and the muscles around it, Brown explained.

Lay a towel rolled (as as thin or thick as you require) at the bottom of your pillowcase to provide neck support. Are you looking for more back support while lying on your back? Use a pillow between your knees for an ideal spinal alignment. You should also ensure that your upper leg from sliding over the lower one and causing more stress on your hips, your lower back and the muscles around them.

If you are a fan of the ease of having your entire body close to the mattress, you can try using a body pillow with the lower part of the body pillow placed between your knees to assistance. This can prevent your from falling on your stomach. Radermacher said.

“Stomach sleeping is the most problematic sleep position that patients have at my clinic,” Radermacher noted. He noted that changing the routine of sleeping that way is an “real problem.”

“But I advise my patients to stick practicing and with time your body will be able to relax into a more posture, with a more comfortable spine,” Radermacher added.

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