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With the pandemic forcing many to work from home, experts have noted an increase in people with neck and back pain shoulder Tightness. Such complaints are usually due to a sedentary lifestyle or poor posture. The best way to deal with this is to put in some activities while you work too.

So if you are looking for simple stretches to treat similar pain, you can find help from actor Nikita Dutta here. The fitness enthusiast recently shared a picture showing how to open your shoulder blades with a simple arm twist exercise.

Just look!

How it goes?

* Rotate the upper arm outward, rotate the lower arm inward, and fold your hands together at the back, Nikita explained.

What are the advantages?

It helps that Shoulders, Deltoids, triceps and lats.

Other advantages

Since it helps open your chest and hips, it’s a good pose for those who sit at work all day. It’s also a centering and calming pose.

Things to consider

* Keep your spine in line.
* While hands are folded, do not stick out ribs.
* Avoid rounding yours return
* Try to spread your collarbones apart.

However, if you have chronic neck or shoulder pain, avoid the pose.

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