This contoured, pressure relieving mattress changed the way I sleep

Perfect sleeping mattress

A good night’s sleep is priceless. And while many quality beds and bedding tend to be expensive, a supportive mattress that will last you for years and get you restful sleep night after night is more than worth the price. I’ve been sleeping on the Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress for several months and it’s by far the best addition I’ve ever built into my bedroom.

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The Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress came into my life at exactly the right time – just as I was moving into a new apartment and finally had space for a queen-size bed. After years of sleeping on a memory foam mattress that was way too soft, I knew it was time to switch to something more supportive. I still wanted a soft mattress with lots of comfortable pillows, but I was also looking for just the right firmness that would help with my chronic neck and shoulder pain. Fortunately, the Perfect Sleeper combines these elements perfectly and has consistently given me the best sleep I’ve had in years.

Perfect sleeping mattress

Perfect sleeping mattress

Buy: $ 1,099 for a queen (from $ 920 Beyond + members);,

I opted for the Perfect Sleeper mattress with one layer of memory foam and a medium handle (you can also choose up to three layers of memory foam, a pillow pad and an extra firm, medium or plush feel). The wide range of options allows you to tailor your mattress exactly to your sleeping needs, whether you want an ultra-soft, cozy feeling with layers of foam or a firmer, supportive effect. The mattress is made from Serta’s HexCloud gel memory foam, which provides contoured pressure relief while keeping you cool, plus a coil system for support and reduced motion transfer (that is, even if you throw yourself around at night, you don’t have to worry roll off the bed). To me, my neck and shoulders feel much better supported on the Perfect Sleeper than on my old mattress, and I don’t often wake up feeling uncomfortable with the stiffness that other mattresses left me with. I also sleep soundly at night as it is easy to find a comfortable position when I go to bed.

Buyers agree that this mattress is a game changer when it comes to sleep. “We love this mattress. Very comfortable, soft and nice and high. Really helps with back pain and gives you a good night’s sleep, ”wrote one reviewer.

Another buyer praised the combination of pleasant softness and supportive firmness that this mattress offers. “It’s the perfect medium of soft and firm, and since I’ve been sleeping on it I’ve been able to sleep deeply and [wake] refreshes. ”If you are looking for a high-quality mattress that supports your body, especially your back, neck and shoulders, and at the same time offers a lot of soft comfort, the Serta Perfect Sleeper is worth a visit for better sleep.