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Ryan Day, Columbus-Ohio State University football coach, said at a weekly press conference Tuesday that CJ Stroud would be returning to his quarterback job at Ratgers on Saturday.

Stroud won 59-7 wins against Akron last week due to shoulder pain. This goes back to pre-season training and some blockbusters in OSU’s first three games.

“I think this week helped him. It looks like he’s going in the right direction, ”said Day.

“I am optimistic and ready to leave Sunday workouts and move forward with feedback from medical staff and coaches,” he said.

OSU second quarterback Kyle McCord made 13 of the 18 passes at 319 yards and made two touchdowns to Akron. The birth of the third quarterback, Jack Miller, was 9-5 at 60 yards in the second half.

The first word Day used to describe McCord’s performance was “inconsistent.”

“He disagreed with some of his readings. At first I thought he was a little nervous. He made some great throws, but some managed to escape. I have, ”said Day.

“A lot happened when I started. The next time he’s in that moment, I think he’ll be calmer. “

“We are building and growing. It was nice to have a snapshot under his (Macords) belt. Jack is the same. What will happen in the next few weeks if we move forward. I think it was good for both of them just to see, ”said Day.

“They played almost as they practiced. But it tells them, “OK, it might look like that, but that’s the reality of the game.” I think I’ll give you a little more points.

Some other thoughts of the day: – Miller’s Return: Harry Miller, who started with an Attack Guard last season, was set to kick off the season but has not played in Ohio State University’s first four games for unspecified reasons. .. Day said on Thursday that Miller had returned to the team but did not mention when he would return to the field. “He’s been working on some health issues and will be back this week to be part of the team,” said Day. – Defense of ongoing work: After making nine sacks and two pass cuts against Akron, Day was asked if the defense had turned a corner and said, “I think we’ve made some progress.” This week will be a test for them. But they play more aggressively. The answer isn’t there yet. Every week. – Paris Johnson impressed: When asked if Paris Johnson’s good work on the line of scrimmage was overlooked, Day said, “I always think when he doesn’t notice that the guards are doing the hard work.” Called.

– Pope and results: Day didn’t give many details about senior linebacker K’Vaughan Pope’s sacking from the team after a halftime tweet of a side game by Tantram and Akron, but “addressed it there. Because of the incident, he was removed from the team. The focus is currently on Rutgers. His feelings are a little out of control. He’s well accountable and we’re getting on with Rutgers. Focus on that. “

Ohio State University quarterback CJ Stoud is expected to return behind the center against Rutgers if he’s healthy.