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The Chicago-White Sox are still standing after a four and a half hour snail festival with the Astros in Game 3 on Sunday evening.

It started with something difficult for SouthSider. Houston knocked out Dylan Cease on the shortest outing of his career with two hits and three walks in one inning and two-thirds of the innings.

After Michael Kopech gave Kyle Tucker a double bang, he calmed down with peace of mind. Thanks to a wand-wielding sock fan, he might have had some magic on his side.

The attack came back to life in third when Yasmani Grandal tore the series sock’s first long hit over the left wall, shortening the lead to two. After a few batters, Leury García stepped up to his legendary position, broke his post-season home run in the batterer’s eyes and brought the socks to the top 6-5.

Alex Bregman tied it in fourth place for Houston, and there were a total of 17 clubs on the record. José Abreu broke his tie at the end of the inning before a rare series of events took place.

It started with Grandal first walking in the base pass with a tapper. Subsequent slow houses grabbed Grandal’s shoulders enough to keep him away from the catcher, allowing Luis Robert to score a goal. Despite Dusty Baker’s request for the hump, no interference was called.

Eloy Jimenez finished the inning with another insurance run at Sroad Ribler on the third baseline.

Andrew Vaughn, Leury Garcia and Tim Anderson set a sock franchise record with 16 post-season hits and added three more on 9-12-6.

Bullpen has plenty of room to breathe as Ryan Tepera, Aaron Bummer, Craig Kimbrel and Liam Hendriks withdraw 15 players in a row to contain Socks’ playoff home wins since 2008.

Carlos Rodon will set up Game 4 on Monday after being prevented from stretching during the regular season due to shoulder pain and fatigue. Left-handers have a history of arm and shoulder injuries and have only thrown 28 innings in the last two months of the regular season. But when the White Sox fled with the division, he also played a huge role.

Rodon boosted his winning career by advancing to 13-5 at 2.37 ERA and forming his first All-Star team. His 24 starts and 132 2/3 innings were the most for him since 2016, well above the total for the past two years.

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White Sox wins Wild Game 3 with Astros 12-6

Source link White Sox wins Wild Game 3 with Astros 12-6