Discover 3 deadlift options to treat back discomfort.

The deadlift is an excellent exercise for anyone who wants to strengthen the back and upper body. It is among the most comprehensive compound exercises for the back it is a must to take into consideration performing them frequently.

Some people do not perform this great exercise regularly. There are many reasons behind this, including discomfort, injuries or simply a lack of enthusiasm. Although the deadlift is excellent for hypertrophy in the back however, that doesn’t suggest you should perform it.

In that light take a look at the 3 deadlift options to help ease back discomfort.

3 deadlift options for back discomfort

If you’re looking to continue growing your back however, you are suffering from some kind of discomfort and are unable to do deadlifts, Adam Cannella from Movement Therapy has shared three deadlift options for back discomfort.

These exercises place less strain to the lower back and make it much easier to maintain a more stable posture while in a heavy exercise, Cannella explains.

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1. Hip Thrusters

When you are at the top of the move, you’ll want to be able to stand with your feet on floor and your legs at an angle of 90 degrees to the floor.

Be careful not to overdo your stretching and don’t overarch to your lower back. If you’re suffering from back pain, this added range of motion on the top could cause further discomfort and is completely not necessary.

2. Deadlift on Trap Bar

This workout is gentle for the lower back due to the handles that allow the hands to be in a neutral posture. “When you’re doing deadlifts, if we’ve put our arms in front and we’re doing a deadlift, we must be able to maintain that back in a normal position” Cannella explains.

In a position where you can be able to sit back in a more upright posture in the beginning of your exercise, it will result in less strain on your back.

3. Suitcase Deadlift

You’ll only be lifting one weight on the one part of your body. Due to this, you’ll be lifting lighter weights since your core is going to be tested more than your back. As with the deadlift with the trap bar you can use a kettlebell, and keep it in one hand.

“This can benefit people as it requires your body to remain in a upright position prior to lifting certain weights that are heavy.”

There are three deadlift options for back pain. To learn more about how to do the exercises, or for a more thorough explanation of the reasons each exercise was selected take a look at the video below.

VIDEO – 3 Deadlift Alternatives to treat back discomfort

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