The best mattress topper to ease back discomfort can be a daunting job and it’s essential to recognize that not all mattress toppers are made in the same way. Here are some tips to help you pick the ideal mattress topper for you:

material: “I believe in correct support. Not too soft, and not too hard–you will be the only one to know the best fit with your own body. Find the perfect topper that is constructed from a substance that will provide the spine and neck with the proper back support.” Dr. Sinett.

Memory foam toppers are well-known due to their ability to mold to the form of the body, thereby providing support and relief from pressure. Toppers made of latex are a good alternative, since they’re sturdy and long-lasting.

Firmness If you are suffering from back discomfort, a firm topper can offer more support to your spine. If you’d prefer soft feeling, you should look for a topper that is marked as soft or medium-firm.

Thickness A topper that is thicker can offer more support and pressure relief but it can also interfere with the feeling of the mattress beneath. In other words, if your bed has become too soft, a topper that is firmer can help, however in the event that your topper is more soft than as your mattress, it could not be able to provide the proper support. Toppers that are thicker are more costly.

The properties of cooling If you tend to get hot in bed, look for a mattress that has cooling properties, such as the gel-infused foam mattress or mattress with thermoregulating technology. The TEMPURPedic and Layla toppers in this list are excellent choices.

Trial and Warranty: “Find companies that let you try the software at your own home, for several months,” says Dr. Sinett. It is important to select an item that comes with a solid warranty and a good warranty, too. This way, you’ll feel secure knowing that you’re covered in the event that something happens to it.

Reviews from customers Choose an topper from a reliable brand that has received favorable reviews on the internet. The feedback from buyers will provide you with the idea on how the topper has helped others who are suffering from back pain prior to deciding for the purchase your self.