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There are numerous reasons to visit doctors, however one frequent reason is pain. Chronic pain, which lasts at least three months or more – impacts thousands of soldiers and their families daily. One example of this type of pain is lower back pain.

The Military Health System is raising awareness of managing pain. Did you know that TRICARE offers the low back pain and physical Therapy Demonstration? The demonstration is offered throughout 10 states.

“All of us have experienced discomfort in our lives,” said Erica Ferron Program Manager of the Low Back Pain and Physical Therapy Demonstration. “How we feel, respond to, and manage discomfort is dependent on the root and signs that are causing an person’s discomfort. The low back pain is among the most prevalent kinds of pain. It may hinder our ability to perform at a high level at work as well as at home and all aspects of life. It’s a quality of living problem.”

Understanding the causes of low back pain

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the low back pain is extremely frequent. In fact, it is responsible for more disability across the globe than any other health issue. The low back discomfort can be caused by injuries or conditions. There are many causes for back pain, including muscle strain, arthritis and disc injuries, just to mention just a few. Your doctor might recommend rest, physical therapy as well as medication, and other therapies to help you recovery. The healing process for lower back pain isn’t a quick process. Make sure you take your time and consult your doctor in the event of a need.

The majority of lower back pain is less than four weeks after the onset of symptoms. It heals through self-care. Your doctor might recommend physical therapy for lower back pain that isn’t resolved over time or with medication.

Understanding the demonstration

TRICARE has developed its Low Back Pain and Physical Therapy Demonstration to tackle the issue of low back pain in service members as well as retirees and their families. The demonstration:

  • The program runs until December. 31st, 2023.
  • The cost-share waiver is valid for up to three physical therapy sessions to eligible beneficiaries. After the third treatment session with a physical therapist, the patient will have to pay regular cost-shares and copayments to cover the next session covered. Cost-shares waived don’t count towards your annual deductible.
  • Don’t waive the cost of your point-of service when you’re an TRICARE Prime enrollee.

To participate, you must:

  • Are you suffering from back pain. back pain.
  • Get an appointment with a TRICARE-authorized provider of physical therapy services for treating your low back discomfort.
  • You can receive physical therapy from a the TRICARE-authorized network beginning January. 1st 2021. If you are covered by TRICARE For Life, however you could get physical therapy through a TRICARE-authorized network or a non-network provider.

“We recognize that the majority of beneficiaries will require at least three visits to relieve their pain,” Ferron said. “Whether the patient is in state of demonstration or not, you’ll have the option of TRICARE’s physical therapy benefit. We hope that by eliminating the cost of initial visit, some individuals will take the plunge and gain from physical therapy. Particularly, those who would not otherwise have tried it.”

Even if you do not get access to this demonstration Ferron suggests anyone who has low back discomfort that lasts more than a couple of weeks to schedule an appointment with their physician to determine what method is best for you. After the exercise, TRICARE determines whether to extend the benefit to the entire United States and all territories, based on the results of the demonstration.

For more information about eligibility and eligibility for Low Back Pain and Physical Therapy Demonstration visit the TRICARE website. To assess your expenses in relation to your health plan look up the Compare Costs Tool.

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