Can a mattress relieve back pain? Chiropractic doctors confirm that the right bed will improve your back.


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Your mattress could be the cause of your back pain. Talk to your doctor if you have back pain. It can be caused by a variety of things. However, your mattress could be aggravating another condition.

An expert told me that your back pain could be caused by the wrong bed. Your spine should be in a normal position when you sleep.

Find out below how the right mattress can help with back pain. Learn how the right mattress helps with back pain.

Can a mattress relieve back pain?

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Your sleep position and your body size are key factors in reducing the pressure on your back while you lie down. Consider whether you prefer to sleep on your back, front, or side, or a combination. You should also consider your weight (and that of your partner).

Is it your bed that is to blame?

A bad mattress could be the cause of your back pain. Dr. Kevin Lees explains that the key to a comfortable sleep is to ensure your spine remains aligned throughout the night. When assessing your mattress, you should consider these two factors to ensure healthy spine alignment.

1. Sleep position

Back sleepers who suffer from back pain are most likely sleeping on a too-soft mattress. A soft mattress will not provide enough support for your body, allowing you to sink into your bed. A firmer mattress will have enough surface area for your body to remain in contact. He says.

Lees explains that side sleepers will develop pressure points in their shoulders and hips because they are sleeping on a smaller area. If you sleep on a mattress too firm, it can cause joint pain. A mattress too soft could cause your knees to overlap and your spine to sink into an unnatural curvature.

2. Weight

Back pain can be exacerbated by not having the right mattress for your weight. A petite person may feel no support on a firm bed, while a softer one will cushion and cradle without too much sink. advises Lees. A plus-size individual will need a firmer bed to keep their body in place. A larger person sleeping on a softer mattress will feel like they are lying inside the mattress rather than on top.

There are mattresses that are designed for heavier people. One of the best is the Big Fig Mattress, which we have reviewed and ranked at the top.

Lucy Searle, our editor-in chief, agrees. She says, “I’ve had back pain ever since I was a teenager after a bad riding incident.” ‘I suffer most at night and if I do not have the right mattress then I wake up with back, shoulder, hip and neck pain.

She began to think about her sleep hygiene. She says, ‘The key was for me to realise that my sleep position is intricately linked with the mattress firmness that I need’. I had spent years with a hard mattress that was supposed to be good for my back pain. Then, I switched to a softer mattress which was no better.

“Finally I saw a physical therapist who asked about the position in which I slept (on my side), pillow depth (variable) and mattress firmness that I preferred. She suggested that I try a hybrid mattress which provided support, but also had a foam top component that was forgiving on hips and shoulders. The combination of a deep pillow and a hybrid mattress was transformative. My back has felt so much better since.

Mattresses to help with back pain

Can a mattress relieve back pain? Absolutely. It’s all in the firmness. After considering the three factors, you may find that choosing a firm mattress, medium-firm mattress, or soft one can make a big difference in terms of sleeping comfortably. You can choose between these mattresses based on their firmness and not worry about waking in pain.

Best Firm Hybrid

Saatva Classic

The Saatva Classic is the number one mattress in our guide to the best firm mattresses. It’s a hybrid mattress with a luxury-firm sleep surface that suits back sleepers and larger individuals.

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Best medium firm mattress

Nectar Mattress

The Nectar mattress is medium-firm and has been proven to relieve back pain. The balance between firmness, support and cushioning cushions joints and holds the spine in place while sleeping on your side.

TheNectar Memory Foam Mattress Review provides more details.

Best medium-soft mattress

Siena Mattress

The Siena is a soft memory foam mattress that’s a great option. The Siena mattress is described as a firmness of 6.5, but both our reviewer and customers have noted that it feels much softer than other medium mattresses.

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What is better for back pain, a firm mattress or a soft one?

It depends. You should also consider your weight and sleep style to determine if a soft or firm mattress will help relieve your back pain. Contrary to the popular belief that firm mattresses help your back, a mattress too soft or firm for your size or style can cause more pain because it cannot provide enough cushion or support.

What is the best sleeping position for someone with back pain?

It is important to find the right mattress firmness for you. If you have back pain, and you usually sleep on your back or stomach, you should try sleeping on your side. Experts describe this as the “ultimate sleeping position” because keeping the knees bent while sitting on top of one another helps to keep the body balanced, supporting the lumber spine and relieving pressure on joints. A pillow between your legs will also help to relieve any pain you may experience if your knees tend to fall and overlap at night.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the budget to invest in a new mattress or if your current mattress is in good condition. A mattress topper can be used to change the firmness of a mattress so that you don’t have to buy a new bed.