How back pain stripped one Ashtabula County woman of her health and quality of life and how a quick procedure allowed her to regain her health –


Intracept Procedure is an option for people who suffer from lower back pain who have experienced not had any success with traditional treatments.

ASHTABULA COUNTY, Ohio -in her early 20s Sarah Burdyshaw was the definition of fitness and health. There were Go-Ruck challengesthat required military-style training in order to complete endurance activities.

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She was into weightlifting, crossfit and even swimming competitions.

If Sarah was suffering from an Achilles heel it would be because of the an occastional twitch in her lower back.

“I take my time going to the chiropractor and get an adjustment once I’d be good for a couple more years,” Sarah said.

One day playing golf, the familiar ache returned and this time it didn’t improve and it got worse.

“I ended up seeing another chiropractor with more advanced technology. He also took x-rays and discovered I had two discs that were herniated from the drive, which I believe,” Sarah said.

It was the start of two and an half years of pain. The agony, exhaustion emotional anguish painful.

“If I attempted to move, or needed to lie down in my sleep, then I needed to grasp the edge of my bed in order to push me back. Since, if I do you, your spine is linked to all the other parts throughout your body. Thus, any movement you make with your legs or arms or your neck can cause all the discomfort to come back,” Sarah said.

The mom of 35 went through treatments, injections, and pain pills, but nothing helped.

The doctor she saw last fall suggested a new procedure known as Intracept. It’s also referred to in Basivetebreal nerve ablation. However, it’s not for everyone.

“You need to be struggling with pain in your low back during at minimum six months. You must also have tried other treatments. This is not a first-line treatment,” said Dr. Melinda Lawrence, Medical Director of Pain Management at UH Ahuja Medical Center and UH Cleveland Medical Center.

Doctor. Lawrence explains that the disc is the cushion that sits between and the vertebrae that form the spine. For a long period, doctors believed that it was the reason for pain, but later they found that pain could result from changes to the bone over time, and especially in patients younger than.

“Basically that’s what nerve ablation does is that we’re heating up , interrupting the nerve and disabling it to block the pain signals that travel to our brains and make us feel pain.” Dr. Lawrence said.

This is an inpatient process, which takes approximately one hour. Two tiny cuts in Sarah’s back were life-changing fast.

“All of the suffering I suffered during two and half three years had removed,” Sarah said.

“Of all the techniques I’ve learned through my experience of advanced procedures I’m sure this is the one that has shown the most remarkable outcomes,” Dr. Lawrence declared.

The day is now, Sarah is back to living her life and taking pleasure in the small things that make her smile which she has ceased to take for granted.

“It’s those little things that I do every day that I’m happy to be able to accomplish,” Sarah said.

Co-host of Today’s show, Carson Daly, also was undergoing the Intercept procedure in the summer of this year However, he ultimately required an additional procedure due to his condition.

Based on clinical studies the patients who had 34% remain in pain for five years after the Intracept treatment.

Additional Health Information from Monica Robins