Andrea Baugh served as principal of an exclusive institution in Jamaica for a period of 14 years before she had to step down in 2021 due to persistent back discomfort.

“I was bending over and the pain was unbearable,” she told The Gleaner..

Today, following having had a spinal machine implanted Baugh has begun to give serious an idea of returning to workforce.

“The pain has gone away and I’m able sit straight. I’m doing everything I was unable to do with back hurt,” she said.

Her transformation, she said, was initiated after receiving treatments using an idea from Jamaica-bornand Harvard-educated spine surgeon Kingsley Chin.Dr. Chin is a graduate of Titchfield High School in Jamaica is the director of Kingsley Investment Company, the parent company of KIC Ventures which aims to invest in the leadership of physicians and technological development.

Particularly interested in transforming the way spinal injured patients are managed, he’s created a variety of spinal devices for treating back discomfort.

As of now, he’s received Patent citations registered under his name. The latest one was received this month.

Baugh stated she was a mother to her husband also suffers from a herniated disk discovered information about Dr. Chin’s work in this area in his Internet research for alternative options for treatment. He suggested she attempt the procedure that was featured and she decided to do it.

The procedure was performed in the last year, and included the doctor. Chin implanting an ‘Inspan device, which can create spinal fusion with no screws for the pedicle.

According to the documentation which accompanied the request to obtain a patent on the device, ” Inspan treats the discs and facet joints that can cause discomfort spinal instabilities and stenosis. This implant is utilized as a minimally invasive procedure for ambulatory surgery outpatients to give lasting alleviation .’

Dr. Chin said that the device placed within Mrs. Baugh has also been implanted in many patients across the United States and elsewhere with great clinical results. Dr. Chin said Inspan as a groundbreaking patent that fixes your spine using screws. Patients can leave the hospital the day after surgery, and recover very quickly.

He claimed it was because the Inspan patent allows for spinal procedure easy and adjustable, and quick and efficient.

Chin explained that Dr. Chin explained that the device opens the spinal canal and foramen to ease nerve compression and restore the disc’s height. compresses and fixes the facet joints in order to block them to allow Bony surface to fusion.


In discussing what the future holds for spinal medical treatment, the doctor stated that the positive side is that the field is getting more adept at integrating patients.”We have also become more proficient in the creation of biologics and devices,” he said.

The most disruptive factor in spine treatment, he explained is when patients begin to avoid the idea of fusion.

Dr. Chin said that in 2000, as an undergraduate at Harvard He realized that fixing the spine by using a percutaneous screw was a fantastic idea and began to create solutions that Dr. Chin believed would be superior than the alternatives offered on the market.

He was able to patent various devices, some of which are used by countries nearly as as Germany.

A recent article peer-reviewed from the Journal of Spinal Surgery reported that the clinical results of Inspan being utilized in treating spinal stenosis is proof of its efficacy.

Dr. Chin, who is a board-certified professor of orthopaedics, a spine surgeon, and assistant professor of the University of Technology in Kingston is the very first and the only Jamaican to be awarded numerous patent reviews from the United States. Dr. Chin is the top creator in the world of spinal devices that treat back pain.

But it’s not everything smooth the way of Chin. Chin.

Over the past few years, Chin has been fighting allegations made at his expense by the United States Department of Justice that he allegedly paid kickbacks to a few spine surgeons to make use of his inventions and to have his devices made available for sale on the market. Chin is a doctor. Chin has denied any wrongdoing and has promised to defend himself against the charges and get his name out of the dirt.

He’s faced opposition to his progress however, he credits his childhood by a single mom from Buff Bay in Portland in preparing for the challenges he will face.

He stated to that the newspaper that he would not restrain his efforts to transform his place in the spinal surgery market, and will not let forces hinder him from providing relief for patients.

Dr. Chin believes that Jamaica and Jamaicans should be moving towards greater technological advancements. He has encouraged students to focus on technological innovations and technology that can revolutionize industries.

It is so convincing that Mrs. Baugh’s full recovery that her husband, who is an ancestor of former Dr. Ken Baugh, the former JLP health minister and health, is scheduled to undergo the Dr. Chin preform surgery to reduce his symptoms. The Mrs. Baugh and her husband have agreed to talk with the Gleaner regarding their treatment.

Dr. Chin may be reached through his website