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Which treatments that treat lower back and back discomfort are the best?

Lower back pain is common to everyone at time and being afflicted on one side can be a source of anxiety for you. It may be due to being hunched at your desk for long hours or sleeping in a strange way however back pain can be crippling and hinder you from engaging as in your life as you would like to.

There are numerous reasons there are a variety of reasons why your back might be hurting but only on the left. However, unless it’s happening in conjunction with other symptoms such as discomfort or swelling along the spinal column, or trouble controlling bladder and bowels it is likely that you are suffering from muscles strain. There’s a chance that pain on the left side of your lower back could be a sign of an nerve issue similar to sciatica because it typically only affects one side of the body.

There are many methods to ease the discomfort and make it manageable from over-the counter and hot treatments to stretching tools or support for your back.

6 ways to treat lower back discomfort

TheraGun Elite 4th Generation

What you should be aware of:The unique handle on this massage gun assists to make it easier to reach difficult places. It comes with a range of different attachments. It is quiet and has a variety of speeds.

What you’ll like:It has five different speeds, and five different massage heads to find the problem within your lower back. Massage can help break down the lactic acid and increase circulation to speed up the healing process.

What to think about:It’s a bit more expensive than other models, but it’s worth the cost.

Where to purchase:Sold by Amazon

The Acumobility Foam Roller is for back

What you should be aware of:The foam roller will stretch you and then apply pressure to your back. It can help you stretch while massaging your back as well as aiding by providing chiropractic adjustments and easing the pressure to your vertebrae.

What you’ll like:The foam has give however it’s also solid, making it comfortable, but also efficient. The raised bumps offer greater pressure to knots that are within your back.

What to consider:Be careful not to overdo your stretching too fast because you could cause more damage to the issue.

Where to purchase:Sold by Amazon

TENS 7000 E-Stim

What you should be aware of: An E-stim forces muscles to contract by sending controlled electrical impulses through them. In causing the muscle to contract you build up and strengthen muscles that have become stiff or become weak.

What you’ll enjoy:An E-stim is used by painful wires that are applied to create patches and then pacing patches of the skin. The electrical stimulation repairs muscles, and it can also assist with nerve pain.

What you need to think about:This E-stim is affordable however, its main drawback is durability. The reviews of customers suggest that the machine does not work consistently after a couple of months.

Where to purchase:Sold by Amazon

For back pain, Aleve muscle relief. Pain

What you should be aware of:Over-the-counter medicine is effective to treat the lower part of your back pain. Aleve is effective by blocking the body’s signals for pain to your brain, blocking the feeling.

What you’ll like: Aleve is widely available and lasts at least 12 hours. It’s all you need is two pills daily to ease your lower left back discomfort. It’s less expensive to purchase on the internet than at the pharmacy and the box comes with 250 tablets, which means there’s enough Aleve to last for many years.

What to consider: Overuse of Aleve may cause problems with digestion and create stomach ulcers. So long as you adhere to the doses recommended and dosages, you don’t need to be concerned about it.

Where to purchase:Sold by Amazon

Icy Hot Lidocaine Patch

What you should be aware of:These temporary patches stick to your back so that you get relief when you’re in motion. The patch is able to soothe your back by delivering cool, icy sensations and also helps ease soreness and relax by heating.

What you’ll like: The Icy Hot patch adheres tightly onto your back and remains secure underneath your clothes. It’s quick-acting, and it will begin alleviating pain by focusing on the nerves in a matter of minutes.

What to think about:Some customers have reported that the patch could be loosened if you stretch or move your body too excessively.

Where to purchase:Sold by Amazon

NeoMedinaTech Lumbar Support Black Belt

What you should be aware of:This back brace and support belt for the lumbar region is thought to be one of the top products available.

What you’ll enjoy: It is made from tough materials, it is easy to adjust , and can be worn for extended durations.

What to think about: Customers report that magnets installed don’t aid in therapy.

Where to purchase:Sold by Amazon

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