Around 80 percent of all people suffer from back discomfort at one time during their lifetime. The pain can range in its severity, from burning to aches, or even sharp pains. Most of the time it will ease as time passes, by rest and prescription pain relief. However, sometimes there could be an issue which needs to be dealt with by a doctor. Here are the most frequently cited reasons for back discomfort for adults:


The back muscles and spine ligaments may be stretched by heavy lifting or the movement of your body unnaturally. If you’ve been exercising too much recently and feel discomfort, this could be the reason for the discomfort.

Posture is not good. Posture

Your mom was watching at you back then when she would tell you, “Sit up straight!” A poor posture can place stress on the spine and result in back pain in the course of time.


As you age the joints of your spine may develop arthritis that causes stiffness and pain. There are a variety of arthritis that can lead to back discomfort. However, it isn’t always easy to identify for yourself, and it’s essential to consult with your physician to ensure you get the medical attention you require.


Falls, sports injuries and car accidents are the most common causes of back discomfort. Traumatic injuries may cause damage to the ligaments of your spine and could cause rupture or herniation of disks.

Skeletal irregularities

Certain conditions, such as scoliosis or lordosis or kyphosis can result in an irregular curvature in the spine and may lead to discomfort. Doctors can diagnose these disorders by performing physical examinations and imaging tests.


The disease may thin as well as weaken the bones of your spine which can lead to fractures and extreme discomfort. The elderly are the most at risk for developing osteoporosis. However anyone can get the condition. The majority of people don’t know they’re suffering until they fall on an injury to a bone.

Bulging disc

Between your vertebrae is a disc. it may become inflamed or even break as you the passage of time. The discs are prone to expand and contract which can cause back discomfort. For minor cases, prescription medications for pain, rest and gentle exercise may provide relief. When the discomfort is intense surgery and injections with steroid could be suggested.

Tumors in the spine

It is possible for back discomfort to be the result of an undiagnosed tumor, however it’s not often. If all other causes or conditions are cleared Your doctor might recommend scans to see whether the spinal tumor is at the root of your discomfort.

Apart from the issues that were mentioned previously, additional conditions like overweight, pinched nerve or kidney stones, or even a bad mattress, can cause pain to your back.

If you’re back discomfort doesn’t get better by itself, but instead becomes more severe, leads to an increase in weakness or numbness in the legs or caused with weight loss suddeny you should see your physician promptly to pinpoint the reason.