A teenager who visited the doctor for back pain passed away just three weeks after the diagnosis of an aggressive type of cancer. Carl Scott, 19, was told by medical professionals that the cancer had spread to “every inch of his body’ but not his brain.

The mother of his son’s heartbroken child, Claire Abraham, has offered a heartfelt tribute to her ‘loving and nurturing boy’ in the wake of his first Christmas away from him.

The 19-year old, who is who hails from North Shields, had asked doctors for help after finding an area of lumpy tissue on his back which was causing discomfort, Chronicle Live reported. The tests revealed that he was suffering from an uncommon form of sarcoma dubbed Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma. A soft tissue cancer which had spread to the body.

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Three weeks after receiving his diagnosis, he died in The Freeman Hospital in Newcastle surrounded by his grieving family.

Claire 37-year-old Claire: “Carl went into hospital to treat back problems , so to learn that it was cancerous was quite a surprise. He was very angry, and he didn’t have the enough time to process the news. It broke his heart.

“Everything was happening so quickly and I wasn’t able to record any of it. It’s like an unreal state, and it’s not real. The last couple of months have been very difficult.”

Carl was raised with his mother Claire and Cory, his brother Cory Claire, 16, her wife Angela Henderson, 41, and her three children Tracey and Bailey, 21. Bailey 8 and Carter three.

Claire stated: “He was quite a persona, he would make you laugh every single day. He was also a loving and compassionate. It was an active person. He was always in the outdoors with his buddies. He would always be outside playing along with the best of friends Dean.”

Claire claimed that Carl resided at Whitley Bay, when she noticed he began suffering from back discomfort last summer. He appeared thin, she said and noticed a lump growing in his middle back.

She explained that the pain caused him to visit the local doctor’s office and then Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital in August last year. The hospital, which is located in Cramlington, Northumberland, transferred him to the Freeman Hospital for more tests.

Claire says doctors initially believed that Carl was suffering from cancer of the testicle, but they later diagnosed the cancer as Sarcoma. The hospital needed to bring a specialist to treat him because of the rarity of the cancer.

Floral tributes to the The funeral of Carl Scott

Angela told her that the doctor had informed the couple that Carl was very sick and would not recover since the cancer was spreading to all parts of his body, apart from his brain.

She stated: “Everything was such a blur, and we had no enough time to absorb everything. I’ve never been aware of sarcoma before. I returned home, searched for it on the internet and was shocked at how sluggish it was. Claire was devastated.”

Carl He had planned to pursue a bricklaying course on the Tyne Metropolitan College in Wallsend but was unable to get out from hospital. The doctor told him that his cancer was terminal and that he had only a few weeks to remain. He passed away in the hospital on September 4 of last year.

Claire stated: “He has quite a number of friends who go to the hospital. The staff at the Freeman were incredible. It was my dream to stay for him , so I stayed at the hospital. My hand was held by him until the doctor passed into the night.

“It’s been really difficult without Carl. Christmas was the most difficult because Carl typically would stop by my home at the end of Christmas. Carl’s best buddy would typically show up at Christmas time and I would take a photo of them. Carter always speaks about Carl and tells me that ‘He’s up in heaven’ as well as that ‘Carl is at heaven’.”

A few hours before Carl died Carl passed away, he was visited at the the hospital with North Shields musician Shakeil Luciano who is also who is also known as Schak.

The 30-year-old told him that a student friend told him about Carl who was a huge fan and a fan of his songs, and was seriously ill. He told her he left an email to play for him , and visited him at the hospital.

Schak wearing the costume of Nanna Mikina, accompanied by Carl Scott

He wrote: “I’ll never forget the day I met this incredible young man. It was extremely difficult to witness Carl who was only 19 years old, suffering from a serious illness. The family of Carl told me that within 3 weeks, he had gone from being an ordinary person to the state he is now in.

“As Carl was a huge lover of Nanna Makina, I was dressed and put my dress on. I then sat next to Carl’s bed. Carl could barely talk but he managed to summon the energy to ask his mom Claire whether we could take an image of us together. After we took the picture, I held him for a brief time before ending my conversation with Carl.

“I was informed by his family his death occurred a couple of hours after my departure. It’s heartbreaking to watch the life of a young man ended even though it was just beginning. The memory of him will always be in my heart. Rest well , my son.”

After Carl’s passing local residents of the neighborhood raised over P5,000 for his family and funeral. The funeral was held following an event held at Preston Cemetery in North Shields on the 22nd of September, last year.

As per the NHS Soft tissue sarcomas may develop throughout the body, including arms, legs and the the tummy (abdomen). They are often not accompanied by symptoms at the beginning and can trigger symptoms as they grow or expand.

The signs and symptoms vary depending on the location the cancer begins. The NHS recommends that anyone who has an area of lump, especially ones that grow larger in time, to visit their GP.