Do the Falcons make use of Chris Lindstrom’s 5th-year option? Blogging Dirty


The Atlanta Falcons have a couple choices to make regarding the draft picks in the first round of 2019.

In the fourth year of a rookie draft, each NFL team is required to notify the player if they’re going to exercise their option for the fifth year of their rookie contract. The deadline coming on the 3rd of May. Chris Lindstrom is due for the decision, so can the Falcons make use of the fifth-year option?

The Falcons are in a position to make an easy choice to make regarding Chris Lindstrom

The Atlanta Falcons have until May 3rd to take a decision regarding whether or not they’re going to use Chris Lindstrom’s fifth-year option , as Lindstrom begins his fourth season in the league.

It’s absurd that he’s already in his fourth season, but it seems like yesterday since the Falcons chose the 14th pick at the time of the 2019 NFL Draft.

In the meantime the Falcons don’t have a lot of a choice to make and must make use of his fifth-year option because Lindstrom was among the league’s best players who were underrated in the last season. Lindstrom was among the two guards who did not concede one sack in the entire season.

Chris Lindstrom, no doubt would have been a good candidate for Chris Lindstrom’s selection to the Pro Bowl, he is the kind of player you would expect to see. It is possible to claim that he should have been selected for be on the Pro-Am team.

There aren’t many guards who played more that Linstrom played in 2021. Linstrom was undoubtedly one of the top players at his position.

In addition that he didn’t receive much support in his position because he was a member on one of football’s most mediocre offensive lines. Jake Matthews and Chris Lindstrom were the only two reliable members of the offensive line of Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta Falcons.

Therefore, for the Falcons it’s not that big of a decision. They are almost certain to take advantage of the fifth-year option available on Chris Lindstrom’s rookie deal that cost approximately $13 million. They could be even considering signing Lindstrom to an extension to ensure his near future.