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An exercise program might not be regular. It will vary from person to person due to the age, flexibility capacity, stamina as well as health aspects. The fitness industry is buzzing about HIIT and LIIT regimens Are you wondering which one is better for you when your focus is on losing weight? Let’s discover which is the best exercise for weight loss among the two.

Health Shots have been in contact with Gaurav Pawar, K11 certified personal trainer, to help us understand the differences between LIIT and HIIT. LIIT.

Information about HiIT facts

It is defined as the term “High Intensity Interval Training”. It is a more intense workout for shorter periods of time.

In HIIT it is the practice of pushing oneself to complete the set in shorter time intervals. In simple words, these workouts consist of short bursts that are intensive exercises that are followed by time for recovery. The premise of HIIT is to exert maximum effort at the peak of your performance and then stop to rest, then another exercise based on the goals. This type of exercise increases the heart rate and forces the body to use up off calories.

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Benefits of HiIT

* Burns more calories in a brief period of time

* Lowers blood pressure and blood sugar levels

* Improves oxygen intake

* Facilitates proper digestion

Everything you need to know about LIIT

LIIT stands for Low Intensity Interval Training , also called Low Intensity Steady-State. It’s done over a longer period of time at a steady rate.

LITT is a kind of cardio exercise in which you maintain the same low-intensity speed for a specified amount of duration. This duration is contingent on the time frame one chooses for themselves, which ranges from between 30 and an hour.

The aim of this type of exercise is to do it with a steady speed to maintain fitness during the time specified for the exercise.

Benefits of LIIT

* Aids in increasing mobility

* Increase strength

* Improves cardiovascular endurance

* A gentler exercise for joints

Take a look at this LIIT exercise routine that you can do in your period.

LIIT vs HIIT: Which is an exercise that will help you lose weight?

Many struggle to lose weight and keeping the deficit. Because of this, many people embark on fitness and diet fads, trying unsuccessful methods to lose weight. Setting a specific target in terms of losing weight or reducing belly fat is an incentive, however the idea of focusing your entire fitness regimen just to focus focused on losing weight is the wrong approach.

In order to address your question about what is the best option to lose weight, Pawar explains, “Instead of focusing solely on losing weight the focus should be on fat loss to the body. To lose fat both LIIT and HIIT can be effective in their individual methods.”

HiIT and LIIT exercises are great for building muscle endurance. To build muscle, hypertrophy and strength , you should be focusing on weight training under the guidance by a certified fitness professional.

In a nutshell, you can include different types of exercise into their routine and reap the benefits of them.

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In addition to the exercise component the main thing to do is concentrate on the diet aspect.

Nutrition plays an important aspect in fat loss as well as muscle retention. Every kind of exercise will help you lose weight however, in the long-term strategy of sustaining fitness and good health nutrition plays an essential part. You must maintain an energy deficit to shed weight and maintain a healthy intake of all macronutrients. Protein intake that is sufficient along with the ability to sustain a consistent, sustainable fitness program is the best path to achieving your goals!