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You’ve shed some pounds which is great for you! We aren’t trying appear to be a negative However, sometimes, maintaining that weight loss can be more challenging than losing it at all. Do not fret, as we talked to Angela Fitch, MD, FACP, FOMA, chair of Jenny Craig’s advisory board co-director of Massachusetts General Hospital Weight Center and faculty at Harvard Medical School to find out an effective exercise routine which will help you maintain your weight loss for good. Find out more about these exercises. And take a look out the 6 Best Exercises for Strong and toned Arms by 2022. the trainer says.


A study by the Journal of Obesity shows that losing weight can create significant changes in the metabolism of your body, which could cause your body to resist the capability to lose weight. Doctor. Fitch sheds some light on the matter, explaining that the most crucial thing to remember is that to improve your weight loss, you should not only focus on one type of exercise such as cardio or strength training. Rather, it should be a combo of several types of exercise that will have you on the right track to losing weight.

Dr. Fitch shares three activities that are great to incorporate into a whole-body fitness regimen such as biking, running and swimming. These are activities that have been known to burn calories and fat that are crucial in any fat loss program. “These are the more intense exercises that will get your heart rate going and will help you burn calories more quickly. The greatest part is you are able to perform them at the exercise room or even at your own home based on your preference,” Dr. Fitch declares.

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When paired with other activities, such as running when combined with running, when you combine running with a workout, Dr. Fitch recommends adding a day or two of strength exercise to your routine workouts. “It will not only help to shed excess weight however, it also helps prevent the loss of muscle mass while you lose the weight.” the doctor says.


Also called high-intensity interval training, HIIT exercises comprise of brief bursts of vigorous exercise followed by longer periods of “slower more relaxing exercises,” Dr. Fitch says to us. They’ve been found to burn greater fat loss than limit yourself to one exercise.

“Walking is perfect in this regard,” Dr. Fitch suggests. “You might also consider the gym that is specifically made specifically for HIIT exercises.”

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In terms of other healthy practices you can follow to shed weight and keep it Dr. Fitch suggests, “Try intermittent fasting or eating with a time limit. The past, the quality and quantity of food and snacks was the most important factor in nutritional planning. Nowadays, the “when” or the time to eat has been recognized as one of the key elements that contribute to the best nutrition.”

She says, “The best way to do this is to practice it by consuming time-restricted food (TRE) that is a kind of intermittent fasting in the course of which, the participants “honor your body’s clock” and remain in sync with the sleeping and waking times of the day. The most basic TRE program is 12:12 that is, you consume food for 12 hours, then take the remainder of the time in a state of fasting, using just water or water-based drinks (tea) taken in.” Based on the Dr. Fitch, this is the Jenny Craig Max Up plan is all about.

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