The first time ever that an exercise of wide-ranging targeting was conducted recently by the 363rd Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Wing at Joint Base Langley-Eustis in Va.

Exercise STOIC WOMBAT that took place between June 13 and 16, 2022, was a test for the 363d ISR Group and its Total Force partners in delivering all-domain, non-kinetic, and kinetic targeting solutions for the air component commander in a manner and at a scale in line with the future of conflict. Over the course of 4-days, 150 analysts across 13 geographically-separated Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard squadrons tested 363 ISRG Targeting Enterprise wartime capabilities for command and control, target system predictive analysis, and dynamic targeting.

The 363 ISRG operated 24/7 control and command within the Targeting Enterprise and squadrons executed multi-site predictive analysis of target systems along with dynamically targeted targeting. STOIC WOMBAT showed that multiple squadrons from different time zones could converge on targeting issues for air components and offer targeting advice against multiple enemy weapon systems. The exercise also demonstrated the speed and size of the Targeting Enterprise to rapidly deliver targeted solutions that are dynamic while dealing with cyber-based threats that are simulated.

The 363 ISRG is the biggest target organization within the Department of Defense and serves crucially to U.S. Air Force warfighting capabilities. STOIC WOMBAT offered the opportunity to assess the warfighting capabilities in The Targeting Enterprise and capture automation artificial intelligence, enhancement requirements to improve the effectiveness and efficiency for the Targeting Enterprise. The lessons learned will allow to allow the Targeting Enterprise to improve its operation for Joint All-Domain Command and Control Sensor-to-Shooter, Joint All-Domain Command and Control, as well as Agile combat employment (ACE).

“The “Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS) is the Department of the Air Force component of Joint All Domain Command and Control,” said David Brockman Director of Operations, 363 ISRG Director of Operations. “It is designed to help identify and concentrate Department of the Air Force efforts to enhance the way we make better operational decisions than potential adversaries. Sensor-to-shooter ideas require sense making and delivery of targeted solutions quickly and at size, while also ensuring high precision. ACE relies less on huge traditional centers for power in combat and is more dependent on dispersed command and control, as in addition to operating from multiple locations. STOIC WOMBAT demonstrated the strengths of the 363 ISRG to anticipate changes in the target within the target system, and provide quick solutions for weaponeering as well as collateral damage estimation and precise coordinates for target engagement.”

The 526th Intelligence Squadron, at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada The 526th Intelligence Squadron, located at Nellis Air Force Base the artificial data utilized by the participants in the entirety of Exercise WOMBAT. The 526 IS had more than 30 analysts. 526 IS were involved in the design the build and execution for the workout.

As per U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Justin Ketterer, 526 IS Chief of Production for the Flight, the production team made around 400 photos, replicating around 1,000 targets spread in 27 locations, as well as the multi-day SIGINT streaming image which included 30 thousand air, maritime, and ground threats within the intended region of the operation.

“In addition to creating the data as well, the 526 IS offered 24/7 support throughout the course of the exercise,” said Ketterer. “The Productions Flight’s Imagery and Signals Intelligence personnel were present to run the files, offer IT assistance, and make sure that the data streaming was accurate, broadcasting and accessible to all of the participants.”

“This activity was the very first in the Air Force Targeting Enterprise,” explained Lieutenant. Colonel. Kareen Hart, 363 ISRG deputy commander. “We executed over 900 dynamic targets (DT), and coordinated three geographically-separated wartime Target System Analysis (TSA) teams to provide target intelligence to forward deployed forces. Furthermore, we were in a position to incorporate images of the 526 IS which was essential in the development of the scenario and achieving DT objectives. The assistance of 526 IS and the 363 ISS was essential in testing our business capabilities and capabilities.”

Overall STOIC WOMBAT 22, in general, was a significant step forward.

“STOIC WOMBAT was the first exercise that tested the targeting business to provide capabilities that are at the scale and scope of a high-end battle,” declared the Colonel Eric Mack, 363d ISR Wing commander. “SW 22 evaluated the control and command of the target enterprise, and demonstrated our preparedness to face strategic competition and highlighted weaknesses that we have to deal with. SW 22 was an important initial step, and could be the ultimate achievement of former 363d ISR Group commander] Colonel Nishawn Smagh’s time, to ensure that the 363d ISRG is ready. the 363d ISRG to fulfill the Air Command Chief of StaffGeneral Brown’s pledge to provide a sweeping Air Power, Any Time Every Place.”