The Reasons You Should Consider Adding the Clamshell Exercise to Your Workout Schedule – Health Digest


Although the glutes are a an integral part of the lower body a lot of lower-body exercises don’t specifically target your glutes. For instance the squat is among the best recognized and effective exercises for the lower body, is primarily focused on the quads, regardless of the whole lower body being involved in accordance with Muscle & Fitness. That’s where the clamshell routine is a good choice. When done properly this exercise causes the glutes to work by directly targeting them according to the Shape.

Clamshell exercises are also an excellent exercise that can help in the prevention of injuries and strengthening the hip. A study conducted in 2013 by The Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy revealed that individuals who included the clamshell exercise into their routine workouts experienced less injuries and back pain than those who did not perform the exercise. It’s an exercise that is commonly used during sessions of physical therapy to aid those who are coming back from injuries or surgical procedure. It can be included in your routine each day to warm up or as a stand-alone exercise (via the Shape).