5 Strange Reasons You’re Still Getting headaches – MyTango

5 Strange Reasons You're Still Getting headaches - MyTango

Headaches. Sometimes, they appear suddenly instantly, destroying our capacity to relax, focus in our work and just be a normal human being. Sometimes, we experience that nagging warning sensation with only the beginnings of pain and pressure around the eyes or on the back of the head, which can lead to an intense self-reflection.

Do I need to take pain medicine right now or put it off? Is a cup of tea going to assist or cause more pain? What is the duration of this will last?

However, if you’re trying to learn the best method to rid yourself of headaches, especially if you are suffering from frequent headaches daily, what you must begin looking into the causes of different kinds of headaches in the beginning.

It’s true that headaches occur to all due to a variety of reasons occasionally These types of headaches are likely to be treated better than those who suffer from constant headaches.

Frequent headaches are often described as “chronic every day headaches,” but Dr. Alexander Mauskop, MD Neurologist and Director at the New York Headache Center in New York City, is one doctor who no more employs the term “chronic daily headaches..

He says instead, “we divide very frequent headaches into categories of chronic migraine which is the most frequent kind of headache, which was once referred to as chronic daily headache.”

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What can you do to determine whether your headaches belong to this category?

“It can be defined by a headache that is experienced on more than 15 days per month and at least 8 days with migraine-related symptoms,” Dr. Mauskop clarifies.

If you’re experiencing headaches are a part of your daily routine, know that you’re not alone.

“It’s estimated that between two to six million Americans according to the research are suffering from ongoing migraines,” he says noting that other kinds of migraines include chronic tension chronic headaches, new, daily, chronic clusters, and a couple of other types that are not common.

If you experience headaches throughout the day (or all day) and you want to live a healthier life style — regular exercise routine, a healthy diet and getting enough rest and reducing stress is the key to avoiding headaches and understanding what triggers trigger you.

If you are concerned or symptoms associated with it like an edgy vision and heart beats don’t hesitate to consult an expert.

Even headaches on their own could influence the entirety of your daily life, from work to relationships to happiness.

The positive side is that knowing the reason why headaches occur is a great way to alleviate frequent headaches disappear into the past.

There are five facts to learn about the causes and types of headaches and migraines and the best way to treat them as quickly as possible.

1. Stress

Contrary to what many believe it is not true that stress causes headaches however it may appear as if it did even when you’re boss making your new shirt or you’re having a heated debate with your spouse.

What does stress cause is to increase the discomfort.

The basis of headaches is genetic “but factors like anxiety … cause headaches to be more frequent and more severe. Stress causes production of adrenaline which then causes the loss of magnesium as well as other biochemical modifications that cause migraine attacks,” explains Dr. Mauskop.

Therefore, learn to manage your anxiety. stress might not be the sole source of be blamed for headaches however, it definitely does not help.

2. Poor posture when sitting at work

Yes, sitting in a slouche at work or bent over your computer may result in muscle tension that may result in migraines. It doesn’t end there.

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“Migraine can cause tension in the muscles and causes an unending cycle,” says Dr. Mauskop. “So that tension in the muscles can be at the same time a trigger as it is the outcome from migraines.”

It’s a big disappointment but it can be an incredible incentive to study ergonomics and the reasons to be more upright when you work.

We now are aware that stress can make your headaches more severe, you should try to ease your stress at work, too.

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3. Hormones

Cramps, mood swings, an unending stream of blood … yes you’re always getting positive emotions, and often headaches could be a part of ittoo.

“A decrease in the estrogen level prior to the ovulation period and particularly prior to menstrual cycle increases the sensitivity to pain and reduces the threshold of migraine.” Dr. Mauskop declares.

There are ways to deal with this issue, such as avoiding the placebo pills included in your birth control kit or taking medications. Consult your doctor:

“Estrogen-containing contraceptives used regularly may assist in preventing migraines however, in certain cases, they may cause them to worsen,” warns Dr. Mauskop.

4. Caffeine

This is the main thing about caffeine. First of all coffee! In addition, caffeine can aid in relieving the pain of headaches. In fact, it’s found in many prescription and OTC medications.

With that said caffeine can cause headaches more severe.

“Regular daily consumption of just two cups of coffee may cause headaches which is caused by withdrawal from caffeine,” says Dr. Mauskop. “So it is common for people to feel better for a couple of hours, or for more than 12 hours and then awake with a severe withdrawal headache.”

What should you do? Review your caffeine intake and figure out what’s aiding you and what might be hurting. what could be hurting (a great deal).

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5. Sleepiness and lack of

For those who stay up to the early hours of evening binge-watching Breaking Bad or keeping track of our ex’s lives through social media, rest may seem to be far down our priority list.

However, sleep is vital for a myriad of reasons.

It assists in keeping our emotional well, it reduces the risk of developing serious illnesses and keeps our immune system functioning as well as affecting the way our brain works … The list is endless.

In addition to this, “lack of sleep results in increased irritability in the brain and reduces the chance of developing migraines,” says Dr. Mauskop.

In all there are a lot of reasons to ensure that you’re getting enough sleep (seven up to 9 hours per night for adult aged 18-64, according the National Sleep Foundation).

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