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A road proposal aims to reduce the traffic headaches within Whitmore Village – Hawaii News Now

A road proposal aims to reduce the traffic headaches within Whitmore Village - Hawaii News Now

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) Drivers who are stuck with gridlocks within Whitmore Village could get relief through a proposal for an improved road.

State Senator. Donovan Dela Cruz who is from Wahiawa proposes a new road for drivers. It could possibly be near the traffic light next to the Green World Coffee Farm.

It will connect Whitmore Village to Kamehameha Highway via Saipan Drive, which currently connects to from the Naval base.

“The National Security Agency has significant presence within Central Oahu, but it places all traffic on Whitmore Avenue,” said Dela Cruz. “So we’d want to see would be an alternative access road that is specifically designed, so that visitors who are from NCTAMS can directly access Kamehameha Highway without having to take Whitmore Avenue.”

The traffic is a major issue along Whitmore Avenue.

Micaylah Bergonia of Whitmore Village said the traffic was worse since the NSA’s new regional operations center was opened in 2012 and exacerbated the gridlock.

“It’s awful I don’t like it. It’s way excessively long” added Bergonia. “I simply hate waiting in the traffic It’s hot and I want to take the kids off and head home.”

This facility forms part of Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam Wahiawa Annex.

“The traffic in the area is everyday,” said Oahu resident Savanah. She suggested that the military should have their own access roads to access the area.

Helemano Elementary School principal Ernest Muh said that traffic is jammed since the time school goes in at 2:05 p.m. -and remains the same until 4:30 p.m.

“Years ago you could go to Whitmore village and be out of the area in just a few seconds,” said Muh. “And in the last few years the difficulty has increased to leave the village in after-hours.”

In a speech before the legislature in a testimony to the legislature, State Department of Transportation said it is in favor of the idea and said the proposed connection will cost between $25 million and $35 million.

The department also states that it’s willing to cooperate with the military to ensure that drivers do not have to stand in the traffic.

“Hopefully we can secure some federal money to fund the project and not depend on state funds,” Dela Cruz said. “Especially because it would benefit NCTAMS and many members of the military.”

The resolution was passed the Finance Committee.

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