Acupuncture may help reduce the tension headaches by half The Washington Post

Acupuncture may help reduce the tension headaches by half The Washington Post

Patients suffering from frequent tension headaches may be able lower the frequency of these headaches by up to 50 percent using acupuncture according to studies published in the journal Neurology. Tension headaches that are the most prevalent kind, can be described as having the sensation of like you have an encircling band on your neck. They are classified as chronic when they occur regularly for more than 15 days per month.

The study involved 218 patients who suffered from tension headaches for the equivalent of 22 days per month over 11 years. Participants were assigned in a random manner to either. They were either to receive what researchers call “true Acupuncture” and “superficial Acupuncture.” Acupuncture, which is a part of the centuries-old tradition of Chinese treatment is the process of penetrating the skin at certain points using tiny needles and gently moving the needles.

Over 50% of people around the world suffer from problems with their headaches.

The purpose is to enhance your flow of life energy within the human body (known by the name “qi,” also spelled “chi”) and is believed to enhance the health of. When needles are inserted at the correct depth, Qi sensation is felt and the patient experiences feeling of numbness, heavyness or tingling. This sensation is believed to be the key for acupuncture to be successful. Participants who were in”the “true Acupuncture” group felt the sensation of de qi however for the “superficial Acupuncture” group, the needles weren’t inserted sufficiently deep to induce this sensation. Both groups received 20 treatments over a two-month interval, followed by another six months.

The amount of tension headaches reduced gradually following treatment for both groups, however around two-thirds who received genuine Acupuncture experienced at least 50% reduction in headaches, in contrast to half of those who received the superficial form. The “true” group the number of headache days decreased from 20 per month at the beginning of the study, to seven days per month by the endof the study, as compared to dropping from 22 to 12 days in a month with people in the “superficial” category.

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