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Headaches are a major cause of headaches for 52% of the world’s population, as per an upcoming study. an Maryland neurologist has some tips to deal with the most frequent type that is tension headaches.

“Every human being is susceptible to developing tension in their muscles,” said Dr. Ella Akkerman, a neurologist at Kaiser Permanente’s Largo and Gaithersburg locations. “The most commonly cited factors that can create tension in muscles are poor position, withdrawal of caffeine, as well as stress.”

The National Library of Medicine details excellent posture exercises.

“How are you tackling your tasks each day? What’s your way of holding your head when watching the computer? What’s your position? If you glance at your phone, how do you place it relative to your eye?” Akkerman said.

Dr. Ella Akkerman is a neurologist at Kaiser Permanente’s Largo and Gaithersburg locations in Maryland. (Courtesy Kaiser Permanente)

The posture of a good screen for laptops and smartphones to the upright figure of ballet dancers.

“When you don’t need the neck bent at all and you are able to take your chin off and look straight, with the screen directly in front of your eyes -this is an ideal and relaxed posture and less likely to over strain the muscles of your upper back as well as neck and shoulder region,” she said.

If muscle tension is expected during your day-to-day routines, like sitting for prolonged periods the front of a computer or , perhaps, for long drives If so, Akkerman advises that you establish routines for releasing muscles, which includes regular massage, exercise using heat on the neck and shoulders and taking plenty of time off.

The management of stress and the prevention of muscle tension is simpler if you take good care of yourself by keeping hydrated, eating nutritious , regular meals and getting adequate amounts of rest.

“I cannot underestimate the value of taking a break in your body and mind and recharging your brain with different activities you like and you are sure will help you relax,” Akkerman said.

“And If you’re having difficulty getting this type that relaxes you, Kaiser Permanente has several applications, including Calm and Ginger, that will help you find ways to meditate and relax and also seek help in the event of needing training on the best ways to relax and to reduce stress.”

The management of stress and tension can help with regular, harmless headaches However, one must be aware of the symptoms they’re experiencing if their headache is different from one they’ve before, or if it’s more intense than it has ever been or appears suddenly, instead of gradual.

“Those could be red alerts you shouldn’t ignore,” Akkerman said.

It’s time to dial 911 if symptoms that accompany an unexpected headache include loss of sight and strength loss and confusion. It could also be a problem to communicate or move in any manner.

“Any kind of impairment that occurs suddenly and that is accompanied by headaches, you should never look away as it might be due to a stroke” she explained.

Another cause for concern is headaches due to fever which may be a sign of a viral infection.

“The brain has the highest sensitivity of our bodies. It is also (the) brain functions as a kind of a gauge for all that takes place in our bodies. The most commonly reported symptoms that could be an indicator of the body’s unhappiness is discomfort that we experience as headaches,” Akkerman said. “So basically, any thing that occurs within your body may cause headaches which is the reason headaches are so prevalent.”

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