Construction of roads in Pascagoula creates a major headache for a business owner. WLOX

Construction of roads in Pascagoula creates a major headache for a business owner. WLOX

PASCAGOULA, Miss. (WLOX) A lot of people on Market Street in Pascagoula look at the construction as an indicator of progress. However, to some, it’s an indication of an upcoming headache.

People such as Tommy Chamberlain who is the proprietor of Tommy’s Exquisite Detailing, says he has lost customers because of dust that is accumulating from ongoing road works.

“I want to take my vehicle down, but you have dust everywhere before your store,” told Tommy Chamberlain. “Sometimes I’m sure you’re closed since the doors are shut. Doors are shut because I’m unable enough to allow all that dust get in the garage for me to clean the automobiles. There are only two spaces here. Therefore, when I had the doors open , dust is will be flying into the room, so I needed to close those doors.”

Another issue arises when he has to leave the vehicles in the garage to be given customers the following day.

“When I wake up early in the morning, the car is still covered in dust. I have to wash the car once more to the client,” said Chamberlain. “Say that if the customer doesn’t come there in 15 minutes, what do you think will transpire? I’ve got additional cars to tackle. I had to take the car clean, and it’s about to be cleaned. However, I have another customer I need to attend to and the car is already sprayed before the customers arrive.”

He stated that a situation such as this one should have been addressed when planning the project.

“Someone should have made my business as a participant in this agreement, since there’s no other company on this street which will suffer as there is no other person who does details or car washing like myself,” said Chamberlain. “I have reached out to employees and they only laugh and laugh since I’m annoyed by the troubles they’re creating for me, and they think it’s funny, however it’s just not humorous for me in any way.”

“Somebody can reach out and speak to me. This is making me feel uncomfortable here. I’m suffering a lot as well. People think that it’s funny, but it’s not. To stay in this place every day and work double time with dust and all the other things that are happening in this project. I’ve been losing money since the beginning of October on this project, and it’s unjust.”

WLOX has reached out to Pascagoula City Manager Michael Silverman, who said that road construction is scheduled to begin by mid-February.

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