Damage to mattresses from delivery causes headaches for the southern Alberta client — Global News

Damage to mattresses from delivery causes headaches for the southern Alberta client -- Global News

Mellissa Schmid along with her husband bought an all-new mattress with Sleep Country Canada late last year. However, when a third-party delivery service was able to deliver the mattress and the base in November 2022 the evidence of damage was left in its wake.

“They have scuffed the walls, chipped the closet doors , and they punched rings in the footboard that I sleep on,” Schmid said.

The most important thing to consider is the footboard Schmid calls irreplaceable.

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“It was a present to me from him,” Schmid said.

“He custom-made it from barn wood that was actually harvested by my great-great-grandfather in Saskatchewan. It is now an historic location.”

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In addition to the damage to the interior The delivery truck was unable to move in the driveway and spilled diesel onto the asphalt.

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The repair costs are estimated as higher than $6,000.

In March, shortly after months of arguing, Sleep Country sent an agreement to pay for the repairs and reimburse the couple after they’d have paid for the repairs upfront.

“That’s quite a sum for the negligence that their company has cost,” Schmid said.

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According to Schmid’s account Schmid, the company changed its mind on Monday, and sent an updated contract after the company was informed that she had made contact with Global News.

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“Then the conversation turns to ‘Oh, wait take a second, we’re prepared to give a contract in upfront for the work and then we’ll pay them up front,'” Schmid said.

The Monday’s agreement states that the couple can choose to request that Sleep Country pay the contractor(s) directly for repairs.

Global News asked the company for its reasons why, after nearly forty-eight months it had not decided to pay the cost directly.

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“Our Team is at Sleep Country prides ourselves on offering a great customer experience and a total commitment to customer satisfaction” the company stated in the statement. “In the rare case that this promise is not fulfilled we will work with our customer to resolve their concerns. This is what we have done in this instance we’ve been doing since the beginning of November 2022 at the speed of the customer, and after repairs quotes have been communicated.”

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The company said it was willing to compensate for all property damage and also offered to pay directly to the contractor.

” Lastly, to show our sincere apologies we offered an gift card to compensate for the poor customers experience.”

Schmid is still irritated by the long process that has lasted for months.

“Why do you need to make it this difficult?” Schmid said. “You have proved the damage to property and I completed the legwork and got the estimates. It’s an impartial firm that supplied the quotes. Why don’t they make the check?”

Schmid told me that at this time she isn’t sure what date repair work will get finished.

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