FDA approves a new nasal spray that treats migraine headaches in adults. Pfizer declares the spray is KCRA Sacramento

A new research has shown that 52 percent of us suffer any form of”manic-related” headache. Every year, researchers from a group of researchers led by epidemiologists of The Norwegian University of Science and Technology investigate general headaches migraine, general headaches and tension-type headaches. When analyzing studies between 1961 and at the close of 2020,, the results showed that the global prevalence of migraines is 14 percent and 26% for tension-type headaches. The researchers state that each day 15.8 percent of the population suffered from headaches of ***. Researchers also discovered they found that headaches were more prevalent among females than males. Migraines were the most significant distinction between males and females. They were common for females at 17% and just 8.6 percent of males. Women also have reported headaches as a regular health problem. Six percent of females reported they experienced a headaches on more than 15 days in a month. 2.9 percent of males experienced the same. According to the researchers, the increase in the frequency of migraines in the course of time could be real and could be due to physical or environmental or changes in the mind, but more likely it is to be due to the changes in methodological approaches in the past few years, leading to improved methods for engagement and access as well as improved diagnostic tools.


FDA approves a new nasal spray for migraine headaches in adults. Pfizer claims.