If your weight loss program is causing you to suffer from recurring headache, consult these 12 ways to ease your headache Health shots

If your weight loss program is causing you to suffer from recurring headache, consult these 12 ways to ease your headache Health shots

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Weight loss isn’t an easy thing to do! While it’s well-known that obesity or being overweight can increase the likelihood of suffering from frequent headaches at times, cause headaches as due to diet plans to lose weight. Yes, that’s true, ladies! You might be eating fewer calories than your body requires or perhaps you’re not drinking enough water. You must be aware of the dangers of losing weight headaches. Let’s learn the best way to do it!

Headache during weight loss

Sometimes , a headache does not cause any major pain and can be treated with the help of some natural remedies. The problem arises, however in the event that it is a regular occasion! In addition, people who are trying to lose weight often experience headaches.

HealthShot has spoken to Dr. Brahm Datt Pathakwho is Director General Surgery, Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad, to find out ways to alleviate headaches while you are eating and losing weight. Before we get started, let’s look at what causes it!

Does weight loss cause headache?

Headaches are a normal occurrence that many suffer from on a regular basis. However, those trying to shed the weight will more often suffer from it. Dr. Pathak declares, “Headaches can be a uncomfortable side-effect of trying to slim. They can be caused by various reasons, such as deficiencies in vitamins from dieting, calories deficiency or eating less and stress, a lack of fluid intake or an infrequent sleep schedule.” This is why adhering to a healthy weight loss program is essential. Whatever the reason it is possible to find a variety of methods to reduce the symptoms of headache.

Headaches aren’t caused by illnesses that are underlying. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Here are 12 suggestions to help you avoid headaches when you embark on a the weight loss journey:

1. Training before starting eating for at least a week following the day you begin training to let your body adjust to the routine

2. Don’t skip breakfast: It’s true that, firstly it isn’t the best way to shed weight. This could lead to a reduced metabolism, lower energy and headaches due to the deficiency of calories in your body.

3. Limit alcohol: If your susceptible to migraine and headache attacks, don’t drink alcohol. Alcohol can create or worsen discomfort. So, try to reduce your alcohol consumption.

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4. Increase the amount of fiber in your diet Based on a brief 2013 study that was published by The Journal of Headache and Pain Participants experienced migraine-related symptoms relief when they ate a low-fat high-fiber diet based on plants.

Have a fibre-rich diet! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Do not compromise on protein. Although the advantages of protein in treating headaches are not yet confirmed, a diet lacking in protein could make headaches more severe. So, make sure you take in sufficient protein.

6. Drinks and foods Drinks and foods that contain green leafy vegetables and nuts, as well as fruit, fatty fish and seeds are among the most consumed beverages and meals that reduce headaches. Salty foods like potatoes chips, processed food items aged cheeses, dried or smoked salmon, dairy products that are cultured as well as foods rich in sugar and carbohydrates should be avoided.

7. Drinking plenty of water is vital for better overall health. Lack of hydration causes headaches as well as other health problems. Feelings of fatigue, discomfort, and a dry mouth are also indicators of dehydration.

Drink plenty of water if you need headaches to prevent them from getting worse. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

8. Relax and reduce stress Headaches are more likely be experienced in stressful situations. Medical attention is required when you’re suffering from severe headaches and visual or fever-related issues.

9. Reduce your intake of calories You enter the calorie deficit phase by eating less calories. An article within PubMed Central states that having a deficit in calories will help you shed weight. However, it could also cause a variety of issues, including headaches.

10. Avoid foods that contain high levels of histamine. It is present in food items like tuna and wine, spinach cheese, fermented food, and eggplant. This compound has been proven to trigger a type of vascular headache.

11. Relax and unwind with yoga/meditation. the practice of yoga and meditation is known to ease stress and relax the mind. This is why it can assist in managing headaches.

12. The basil leaf chewing: Chewing on 7-8 basil leaves can ease headaches and relax your muscles since they contain analgesic and relaxing effects.

From the body to the mind, tulsi is truly an healer! Image courtesy: Shutterstock


A healthy lifestyle is essential to manage headaches. To get relief, don’t only rely on prescription medications. Take care of the stresses within your life since they’re the most common cause of headaches. Consume a balanced and healthy diet, don’t skip meals and drink plenty of fluids daily, have regular, restful sleep and do regular exercise. These tips can be followed by anyone and can aid in preventing headaches or lessen the discomfort.