Numerous incidents on Omaha interstates create headaches for drivers on Thursday early in the morning. WOWT


OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) At around 8:20 on Thursday morning the accident involved multiple vehicles on I-80 westbound, near the L Street interchange.

I-80 crashes close to L Street (WOWT)

It involved a semi as well as numerous other vehicles.

The stop-and-go system was in operation on westbound I-80 until 96th Street at times in the aftermath.

The impact smashed into I-680 and the crash occurring near the junction with I-80.

Another incident occurred around 8:40 am, in southbound I-680 just near to the Maple Street interchange.

Unexpected accident on I-680 as well as Maple (WOWT)

The result was the left lane becoming blocked and traffic slowdowns on the direction of the interchange.

At 10 am at 10 AM, both accidents are now cleared and traffic is flowing normal.

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