Psilocybin can be can be effective in the treatment of the symptoms of cluster headaches, migraines – Healio


June 10, 2022

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Denver, CO — Psychedelic use specifically psilocybin can be efficient in treatment of cluster headaches as well as migraines, Emmanuelle Schindler, MD, PhD spoke at the American Headache Society annual scientific gathering.

“There are some similarities between psychedelics as well as existing medication for headaches,” Schindler, assistant professor and medical director of the Headache Center of Excellence at Yale School of Medicine, explained in a speech. “This ability to last effects following a slowed dose can be what sets these substances distinctive.”

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Schindler and coworkers used information from different patient surveys and reports to develop and conduct preliminary proof-of-concept research that used psilocybin for treating migraines or cluster headaches and cluster headaches, including the double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of patients who had at minimum two migraine attacks every week for up to 65 weeks.

“Compared to placebo, psilocybin decreased the frequency of migraines by approximately 15 percent,” Schindler said. “Pain was also decreased. Also, there was a decrease in functional impairment during a migraine attacks.”

Schindler and colleagues also carried out an identical study that evaluated the use of psilocybin to treat cluster headaches.

“In those who were given placebo in comparison to the baseline, there was no any difference,” she said. “But for those who took Psilocybin, there was 30 percent less over three weeks. … This was observed for eight weeks.”

Schindler said that more studies are required and stressed that they should concentrate on safety.