Revealed! 5 types of headaches which can cause you to feel numb Natural ways to treat them . Times Now

Revealed! 5 types of headaches which can cause you to feel numb Natural ways to treat them . Times Now

Understanding the various types of headache can assist in determining the root cause

New Delhi: Millions of people all over the globe suffer from headaches which can be constant, throbbing either dull or sharp.
The main causes of headaches according to medical experts, is causes such as stress or dehydration, sensory overload and hypertension. The pain episodes vary in severity from barely visible to utterly excruciating. They may occur once a year or every day.
For many suffering from these ailments, they can be extremely painful. Experts believe that, despite some people’s beliefs that discomforts originate from your brain, these pains come out of the brain because it doesn’t contain any of its own pain receptors.

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Sometimes, you will experience lots of pain across all sides of your skull that can be accompanied by different types of headaches. Be aware of the various types of head pains , so you are able to identify the cause and get it treated for these painful attacks according to.



As per the Mayo Clinic, cluster headaches are cyclical or clusters, and are among the most painful kinds of headaches. It is common for them to wake you at the end of the night, with intense pain or discomfort around the eye on the opposite side of your head.

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Health experts suggest that cluster headaches result in frequent headaches that range from weeks to months. They are usually with remissions occurring after the headaches cease.

Although they aren’t life-threatening the group headaches can be extremely uncomfortable and cause you to stop your day.

Typically the typically, cluster headaches create intense pain the behind, around, or in the eye. They can also cause pain in other parts of your head, face and neck. It is possible to feel restless and may even experience redness in the eye as a consequence. Also, it causes an increase in eyelid swelling and drooping eyelids on your affected side.


They are among the most frequent types of headaches and are often referred to as migraines with aura. It is a result of severe visual and sensory disturbances caused by light and noise.

There may be severe pain on one side the face, but not all of your head. Doctors suggest that the main characteristics of migraines are nausea, dizziness, as well as sensitivity to light and sound, and the person suffering from the attack being inactive until the attack is over.

Migraines may also trigger frequent mood swings as well as depression, swelling of the neck and neck area, fluid retention and constipation.

Tension headaches

They are the most frequent kind of headaches which are diffuse and dull. They can be painful and can cover your entire forehead.

The causes of tension headaches have been described as an encircling band of pressure that runs across the forehead, similar to an oversized headband. small. Sadly, despite the prevalence of tension headaches the causes aren’t well-understood and can be caused by any number of factors, from stress to angry to bad weather.

Doctors believe that tension headaches are intermittent, and may last for 30 minutes to a full week. The frequent episodic tension headaches occur for less than 15 days per month, for at least three months. Tension-type frequent and episodic headaches could turn into chronic.

Hypertension headaches

If you have excessive blood pressure then you are likely to experience these types of headaches caused by excessive pressure on the artery walls. The severe headaches could be even dangerous and possibly fatal if blood pressure doesn’t come in check.

According to experts in the field of health If you suffer from abrupt and severe headaches immediately, seek medical attention right away without delay.

This type of headache can cause fuzzy vision and numbness, or the sensation of tingling in hands or feet. It can also cause bleeding from the nose and sometimes breathlessness.

As a side effect of medicine

A lot of medicines cause a side effect that can cause headaches that can last for a long time. Doctors advise against being too dependent on one particular medication or use it for too long, frequently, then it can trigger a rebound headaches occur.

It is essential that if you are suffering from headaches take care to limit the amount of medications you take because it could cause an attack.

The typical symptoms of this type of headache include extreme anxiety, nausea, restlessness and memory problems, as well as the increase in irritability and a lack of concentration.

How can I lessen headaches naturally

While there are a variety of prescription medications available over-the-counter to alleviate headache symptoms, a variety of natural remedies are also available. Some home remedies include:

  • Drink plenty of water since it could be caused by dehydration
  • Consume Magnesium-rich food items like avocados, bananas dark chocolate, fish
  • Beware of drinking alcohol as it may cause migraines
  • It is important to sleep well as lack of sleep may also trigger pain.
  • Use essential oils since they are concentrated liquids that have aromatic compounds from a range of plants.
  • Apply cold compresses as it may reduce inflammation.
  • Consuming coffee can boost mood, increase alertness and decreases inflammation
  • Practice


    since it reduces depression and stress, and also improves flexibility
  • Ginger contains many beneficial components which provide antioxidants to your body

Disclaimer:Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are provided for general informational purposes solely and shouldn’t be considered as medical advice by a medical professional. Always consult with your physician or a dietician prior starting any fitness program or making any modifications in your eating habits.