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A Neurologist Fayyaz Ahmed, the author of the study in 2012 released in British Journal of Pain, discusses secondary headaches comprise a variety of headache conditions that are not common, but very dangerous if they are not treated. Secondary headaches can be caused by medical issues or may indicate serious undiagnosed medical issues. The causes could be hemorrhaging in the head and cerebral tumors, blood clots within the head, meningitis or inflammation of the arteries in the brain (giant cells arteritis).

Cedars-Sinai warns that young women are at risk of blood clots, particularly those who smoke or take birth control in addition to after having children. The recurrence of early morning headaches nausea, headaches, as well as changes in vision may indicate the presence of a blood clot within the brain. Patients over 50 who have fever, sweats or changes in the vision, shoulder or neck pain and scalp tenderness and headaches ought to be checked for giant cell arteritis according to the Best Practice Advocacy Centre New Zealand. According to the National Headache Foundation says headaches with stiff neck, fever or shoulder, fatigue, or confusion could indicate meningitis, or an encephalitis. Both are disorders of the central nervous system and are usually treated by antibiotics if they are detected immediately.

Should you notice that someone else in your family has been experiencing new headaches or any of these symptoms, consult your physician immediately.