Travel Headaches Grow since Southwest Annulls Thousands of Flights NBC Connecticut

On both sides, the weekend of Thanksgiving ran into in trouble with regards to traveling.

Then came the pre-Christmas winter storm, then delays and cancellations, specifically on Southwest Airlines, that have only exacerbated depression that follows the holidays.

“The word”helpless” is a good one,” said Paul Zito who wanted at returning to Florida following his visit to Connecticut. “It’s as if you’re no any longer the king of your own world.”

“Just very frustrating,” said Ivy Zito.

In this year’s season, Southwest Airlines is dealing with more than the normal rush.

The company stated in a press release that it would fly “roughly one-third” of its schedule over the next few days, due to severe weather across the nation.

“This morning, I awoke to hear, ‘Oh, you know, your flight was cancelled and you’ll need to rebook in the morning,'” Zito said.

On social media On social media, on social media, the U.S. Department of Transportation declared that the frequency of Southwest Airlines cancellations was “unacceptable,” and that they will investigate whether or not the incident could have been avoided.

“We did not anticipate it to last for so long and it’s been lingering for for as long as it has and we’re pretty powerless in this situation, which is the tough aspect,” said Zac Boyer who’s plane towards Kansas was also cancelled.

Bradley International Airport had 10 departures cancelled on Tuesday, all in one day. This is only a small portion of the 2,500 cancellations that have been reported nationwide according to FlightAware however this is a fact that has passengers such as Zac and Amanda looking for an alternative to get to get home.

“Can we rent an automobile and drive it to home? It’s likely to take at least 20 hours, if not longer due to the fact that we have an infant and a toddler, so it’s not possible to simply drive straight through as you did in the past when you’re 22,, and was in university,” explained Amanda Boyer.

These obstacles create a chain of issues.

Regina Jahrstrofer and her family decided to travel by car across the state of Connecticut from Baltimore to Connecticut following the fact that their connecting flight was cancelled.

“I’m here trying to get it cleaned up and pack my bags because I’m in the same clothes I was wearing yesterday’s early morning.” Yearstrofer told reporters.

The luggage of the group remains in Maryland But despite the hassle the morale of the group is looking good.

“We could be worse off, so you simply take the next step, and continue to move ahead. There’s nothing more you can truly do,”Jahrstorfer said.

A few passengers, such as Zac as well as Amanda Boyer, were told they won’t be able to catch another Southwest flight back home until January. 1.